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Moths ruined woman's clothes after she ignored her roommate's advice for hygiene: 'Karma is real'

Her roommate expressed her concern over moths and potential damage to their clothing due to the infestation but she willfully ignored it.

Moths ruined woman's clothes after she ignored her roommate's advice for hygiene: 'Karma is real'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer

Fortunate are those who find themselves paired with exceptional roommates, while others contend with less fortunate arrangements. The challenge escalates when one's roommate displays lesser regard for matters of hygiene. A Reddit user, u/alecx-mr, took to r/badroommates and shared how they fought moths together in their flat. However, her roommate thought it was not called for, but she later realized its significance. She started the post with, "Maybe karma is real after all. I and my roommate generally get along. The only issue is I like living in a clean, tidy space, which she couldn't care less about. Throughout the year, I saw a few moths flying around. I got worried about the possibility of them breeding somewhere in the flat and damaging my clothes. I only have 2 wool items in my possession (which my late aunt made for me, they mean a lot!), so I made sure to pack them airtight with mothballs as well."

Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer

She was overstressed with the whole situation and wrote, "I was placing lavender sachets and moth traps everywhere I had access to in the flat. I am working full time, have family issues I had to help with, and now this moth situation. I was exhausted. And on top of it all? My flatmate said I was overreacting, that I was delusional and a germaphobe for taking so many precautions against moths. She didn't help me one bit. So I never "moth-proofed" her room. Despite my efforts, I still would see a few moths flying around."

Image Source: Pexels | Clif Booth
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cliff Booth

However, a lesson awaited the roommate. "Yesterday, I was just relaxing in my room when I heard her scream. I ran out thinking it was something serious, but alas, I'm looking at my flatmate who just opened her winter closet to find moths, larvae, and cocoons everywhere. Her expensive coats (Burberry, Gucci, you name it) had huge ass holes in them. She started panicking and then remembered that I had set up traps. She asked me why were there no traps in her room?! I told her that I wasn't going to do her work for her and I didn't set up anything."

Image Souce: Reddit
Image Souce: Reddit

She further mentioned, "Needless to say, she lost it and is giving me the silent treatment. Will I help her now deal with it? Probably since I care about MY well-being and I don't want moths to infest the flat. Losing my deposit would suck. Am I glad she got a bit of karma? Definitely, haha, but I will be moving out to a better place by Christmas."

Moreover, she has decided to do the right thing by moving out and as for their roommate, she got what she deserved by karma, as sanitation and hygiene of the house should not be taken lightly. It affects the overall well-being of people living in the house as it damages clothes. They also feed on dry foods and affect the pantry of the house. People in the comments section agree as u/MsMia004 commented, "OMG talk about just desserts. Mocking you for trying to minimize the situation only to have thousands of dollars gone because if her negligence. Love it."

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