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Mother's viral post reassures parents that it's absolutely normal if siblings don't get along

The mom shared a page from her own life and it has been helping people normalize that not all siblings have great bonds.

Mother's viral post reassures parents that it's absolutely normal if siblings don't get along
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | ermias Tarekegn; X | @clhubes

Concepts like family, love and relationships are ingrained within people by society, which has set particular definitions for these relations. But as years have passed, people have understood that this one-size-fits-all theory cannot work. Everyone has unique life experiences and cannot possibly have the same attachment to establishments like "family" and "partners." Moreover, it is unhealthy to publicize the universality of these concepts as it makes people invest undue energy into something impossible. Lucy Huber–who goes by @clhubes on X (previously Twitter)–shared a post about her kids that further strengthened the notion that not all family relations are made of the same fabric. She also gained quite a lot of support on the platform, making the post viral in no time. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vika Glitter
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vika Glitter

Huber recently became a mom of two. Due to the ideas she had been fed by mainstream media, her expectation regarding the bond between two siblings was different from how it panned out in reality. She wanted to raise awareness regarding these misplaced assumptions, as she did not want any other mother to go through a similar experience. To do so, the mother shared a recent development in the relationship between her two children. 


"Today, my 3-year-old and 11-month-old got in our bed and we hung out," the mother told her followers. "This might not seem like a big deal and I'm kind of embarrassed because I feel like it's my fault, but my kids don't get along. This is the first time we've been able to be this close without a huge meltdown. It's been a rough year." Huber revealed how both her children were facing difficulties adjusting to each other. It was not remotely like what she saw on social media, where older ones were in awe of the new arrivals from the first moment. On the contrary, her children struggled to bond with each other and share their living space.

Huber further explained in her follow-up post, "I share this because all I ever see from people I know are posts about how much their toddler loves the new baby and cute videos of them playing or hugging and this has not been my experience at all. Mostly just a year of nonstop screaming and tears." Every child has their own personality. Some are great with company, while others are not. Some children do not like to share their space and possessions and struggle with the concept of sharing. As a result, they require more time and understanding to accept a new presence in their life and there is nothing wrong with it. 



The comments section agreed with Huber's assertion and wrote about their experiences with such discord. @andreacope1 suggested how to cope with the situation and wrote, "Give it time. He doesn't have the capacity yet to understand that someday she'll be a real person. He's imagining his entire future as it is right now." @amdolly commented how she has a similar struggle in the house, albeit with a little older children, "Mine are almost 17 and 14... when can I expect this to improve?" Many others resonated with the whole situation. 


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