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Mother's relatable character of a sassy cashier during playtime is an absolute laugh riot

Mother's hilarious skit which involves her playing sassy Rosie not only entertains her daughter but the whole of social media.

 Mother's relatable character of a sassy cashier during playtime is an absolute laugh riot
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @aubreysanchezx3

As children grow up, parents also get the opportunity to experience their childhood again. Besides that, children also bring their parents' playful side forward. The tactics used by them often lead to both having a gala time. It was evident in this video uploaded by Aubrey Sanchez–who goes by @aubreysanchezx3 on TikTok. Here, Sanchez was enjoying playtime with her daughter by pretending to be "Rosey." Rosey is a cashier with fun antics and a peculiar phrase she loves to repeat. Both daughter and viewers are fans of this character, as the video has gone viral, garnering over 62 million views on the platform. 

Image Source: TikTok/@aubreysanchezx3
Image Source: TikTok | @aubreysanchezx3

The introductory video about Rosey has the cashier handling a customer line. She screams to the mic, "Next customer." On this cue, her daughter arrives at the "counter." Rosey has the quintessential long nails and a nonchalant way of greeting. After some inquiries about the day and New Year, the cashier began using her favorite phrase: "That's a blessing." The biggest element in characterization is having the smallest of quips figured out. A great character is visible from miles away in how they talk and walk. Sanchez undoubtedly nails this aspect with Rosey. 

Image Source: TikTok/@aubreysanchezx3
Image Source: TikTok | @aubreysanchezx3

After that, Rosey moved on to the next step, which was billing. At this stage, she displayed some usual shenanigans that occurred on the counter. As soon as the "customer" handed her a card, she retorted, "Sorry, we don't accept EBT." Then the girl offered her cash, which were some pieces of paper. The mother then counted it uniquely, making sure to generate sound on every note with her beautiful nails. The change came out to be 1.02$. At that point, the daughter returned one of the items, saying she didn't want it. It probed Rosey to again put her trustworthy mic to use. Later on, the duo began packing the stuff. The whole bit ended with Rosey screaming into the mic, albeit this time she was saying, "Clean up in aisle 3."

Image Source: TikTok/@aubreysanchezx3
Image Source: TikTok | @aubreysanchezx3

The follow-up video was also equally hilarious. It focussed more on Rosey's personal life rather than professional attitude. In this video, Rosey is involved in her favorite activity, which is gossiping. She was giving the tea to a coworker about a woman who walked in on her husband cheating on her. Her animosity with "cards" continued even in this one, as she was screaming at the mic for customers to go to another register if they wanted to use them. It also sheds light on her ability as a multitasker as she served the customers and gossiped both at the same time. In all the skits, Rosey is not on just one side of the counter. Another video has the daughter take on the role of cashier and Rosey becomes the customer. It is safe to say in every role, Rosey is downright hilarious.

Image Source: TikTok/@ishanesse
Image Source: TikTok | @ishanesse
Image Source: TikTok/@lecakesclt
Image Source: TikTok | @lecakesclt

The comment section loved the whole skit and could not stop laughing. @yeetmetothemoon17 shared her experience of playtime with her daughter and commented, "I got my daughter an ice cream cart for her birthday. I couldn't wait until the kids went to bed so I could play with it. Still." @decembersveryown12 commented how such skits are one of the joys that comes with being a girl mom, "This is what I was built for… not Hot Wheels and monster trucks. Still love my boys."

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