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Mom steps up to defend daughter after her uncle bullies the kid by accusing her of stealing a banana

The kid had taken a banana from a fruit bowl without anyone's permission at the house of her mother's uncle, which irked the elderly man.

Mom steps up to defend daughter after her uncle bullies the kid by accusing her of stealing a banana
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk, (R) Reddit/Okay-Bananas

Little kids make mistakes as it is essential for their learning process. As adults, we must forgive and correct them whenever we get the opportunity. Overreacting in such a situation can be counterproductive as it may discourage them from trying new things. Reddit user u/Okay-Bananas has a very interesting story to share on the platform about her uncle, who reacts poorly to her daughter eating a banana at a family barbeque. The woman details how barbeques are a very common event in her family and different members took turns hosting it.

Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva
Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva


During the incident, her uncle, who happened to be a very "difficult man," was hosting the party. She writes, "He is very rigid in his beliefs and will make it very clear to you if you have done something to offend him." She describes how he did not forgive anyone if they offended him, regardless of his relation to them. At the barbeque, her six-year-old daughter ended up taking a banana from a fruit bowl without anyone's permission. 

Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring
Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring


The woman recognizes her daughter's mistake and knows how to correct her. However, her uncle goes absolutely berserk seeing this. He accuses the little girl of being a "thieving brat" and starts saying he would call the cops. She steps in to defend her daughter, at which point her uncle tells her to leave because he doesn't "want thieves in his home." He adds that she, along with her husband and daughter, can not come to his house again.

Hearing all this, the woman gets frustrated. She immediately points out that this was the kind of behavior that made all his friends leave him and why his family only shows up out of obligation. Furthermore, she adds that it was only because of her mother's insistence that anybody came to the barbeque. The man pays no heed to these remarks and pretends to call the police to ask if they would let a little girl into prison.

Her daughter gets scared and the family leaves the barbeque immediately. Even after they leave, the uncle continues "ranting and raving." One of her cousins goes up and tells him that the mom's response was actually decent. The cousin also promptly leaves as she doesn't want to "eat at the home of someone who thought it is okay to bully a child."

Once she leaves, others from the family follow and soon enough, only the elderly man and his wife are left at their home. After the incident, the uncle's wife kept calling the Reddit user, telling her that she had "humiliated him in his own home." She also stated that people of his generation could not be politically correct. According to his wife, he felt dejected after everybody left because he felt like an "outcast."

Image Source: Reddit/Good-Examination2239
Image Source: Reddit/u/Good-Examination2239


Image Source: Reddit/Commerical-Bit-4796
Image Source: Reddit/u/Commerical-Bit-4796


The woman concludes her post by saying that she was happy to take a stand for her daughter and did not expect the man to learn his lesson so well. People on the platform sided with the woman and shared their thoughts about the man in the comments section. u/hellonala commented, "Accusing a six-year-old of being a thief for having a banana at a relative's house is pure absurdity. I'm sorry your daughter had this experience; that is not okay. I would cut all contact with them personally."

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