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Mother-in-law's heartwarming speech welcoming son-in-law to the family wins over the internet

Mother-in-law brings out the fun and emotions in her moving speech for her son-in-law, sharing why he is the perfect fit for their family.

Mother-in-law's heartwarming speech welcoming son-in-law to the family wins over the internet
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @dr_neek_neek

A wedding is an occasion many individuals look forward to in their life with anticipation. It is an opportunity for a couple not only to make a promise of a lifetime to each other but also to bring their families under one roof and share this happiness with them. It is what Dominique 'Neekie' Woodfork-Richard–who goes by @dr_neek_neek on Instagram–wanted at her wedding and got it in plentiful. Everything was perfect, but the event that took the cake was undoubtedly her mother's speech. It was straight from the heart and the best welcome Woodfork's husband could have gotten in the family. The speech listed all the ways he is the best partner she could have had and how the mother is willing to even give up a kidney for him because of the place he has made in her heart.

Image Source: Instagram/@dr_neek_neek
Image Source: Instagram | @dr_neek_neek

The mother starts with a banger, "I would even give you, if you needed it, one of my kidneys." She goes on to say how there are only a few people in the world whom she would do this, like her husband, children and now him. It shows what kind of a place the groom, Richard, has managed to create in his mother-in-law's heart. The reason is simple, he has brought immeasurable joy in his daughter's life. She added, "I saw her go from brokenhearted to so happy and elated." All the mother wants is for him to keep that smile on her daughter's face for eternity.

Image Source: Instagram/@dr_neek_neek
Image Source: Instagram | @dr_neek_neek

Then, the mother focuses on the MVP, Gucci. Gucci is her daughter's puppy and Richard treats her like a queen. "You love Gucci, and Gucci loves you. When I saw you taking time out with the dog, I said, Lord have mercy, god, why did you take so long to drop him down?" she shared. Richard does all of this on his own and has become Gucci's parent in his own right with the care and affection he has showered. He won his MIL's heart when he took Gucci to the country to see his parents. At that very instant, she told Woodfork that she had chosen the right man to be her life partner. After that, she addressed the man's mother and said, "You raised a good man. A man with dignity, respect, and loyalty." The mother promises the in-laws they will have "no animosity between them." They are going to "love and pray with each other." Of course, the whole package comes with Gucci, because how couldn't it? Everyone burst into cheers when the speech came to an end.

Image Source: Instagram/@gerrodjonesbarbershop_
Image Source: Instagram | @gerrodjonesbarbershop_
Image Source: Instagram/@keeskye
Image Source: Instagram | @keeskye

The comments section became a huge fan of the speech. @chimere_nechell was touched by the emotions and commented, "Your mom is LOVE! You are such a lucky lady to have that beautiful woman for a mother. Whew, chile! She had me laughing and in tears. Congratulations on your nuptials! May you have a blessed and everlasting union. And kiss mom for all of her new IG daughters." @luciouslips__ shared how the mother spoke for all of them as a group and wrote, "I don't know you guys, but the way your mom spoke to you at your wedding brought me to tears because as a mom, that's the only thing we want for our kids is to truly be happy…. God bless your union."

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