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Mother devices a hilarious and spooky plan to keep toddler indoors and it's cracking everybody up

A mom has hilariously used her son's fears in her favor to ensure his safety at home.

Mother devices a hilarious and spooky plan to keep toddler indoors and it's cracking everybody up
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@xaviac96

Parenting is never simple. Individuals have to be creative on the go to give their children a safe space to grow. Sometimes for the sake of their children, parents have to adopt some unorthodox ways. It might not be wholesome in approach but it gets the job done most efficiently. Xavia Barcomb, who goes by @xaviac96 on TikTok, reveals in her video one of the sneaky methods she applies to keep her son in line while the family moves things. Her son was being troublesome by constantly running out of the door, while the family was shifting stuff. For the sake of her son's safety, the mother played on his fears to keep him in. 

Image Source: TikTok/@xaviac96
Image Source: TikTok/@xaviac96

Barcombe gave a fitting caption to the video, "Trying to move stuff in and he keeps wanting to go out the door…not anymore." The video features Barcombe in her house. She has given the text overlay, "He won't be trying to run out the door now" on the video. It all begins with crying noises in the background. They are of her boy, and even though this might tug at the heartstrings of some people at the end of the day it is for his own good.

Image Source: TikTok/@xaviac96
Image Source: TikTok/@xaviac96

The camera pans from the boy to a fake dog skeleton outside. Judging by the boy's reaction he seems to have a huge fear of the decoration. The mother capitalized on that to keep him in, and the trick seems to have done wonders. The internet was on the mother's side. Sometimes kids for their own good need to be put in their places. If the boy had roamed out of the door it would have spelt danger for him. This option though scary for him, is the one that will keep him inside where his parents can watch him and ensure his safety.

Image Source: TikTok/@kaitk26
Image Source: TikTok/@kaitk26
Image Source: TikTok/@ashyymiirez03
Image Source: TikTok/@ashyymiirez03

The comments section did not shy away from expressing their views. @kardargodo was a fan of this method and wrote, "That's the proper way to gentle parent!" @keltz129 was completely on the mother's side and commented, "It takes a village…sometimes that village is a skeleton decoration. Whatever it takes." @reallifetonks shared her own personal experience and wrote, "I was scared of plastic dinosaurs eating my hair when I was little and refused to stay in my room during naptime, so my dad lined them up in front of my door."  @forgetaboutit673 also had a similar story and commented, "Cosmetology mannequin head kept my nephew out of the canned foods cupboard, he was afraid of Barbie too."

Alivia Cromartie also uses an out-of-the-box tactic to help her children through tantrums. The method she employs is known as "zoomies." Zoomies or Frenzy Random Activity (FRAPS), is the term employed when dogs begin to run to burn off their excess energy. In this video, Cromartie runs in circles around her baby to distract her whenever she seems to be on the verge of a breakdown. “I’ve done zoomies in a grocery store. I’ll run up and down the aisles. I don’t care who sees,” the mother shares with TODAY. “Distracting my kid is the key." 

@xaviac96 Trying to move stuff in and he keeps wanting to go out the door…not anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️ #toddlersoftiktok #scaredycat #momsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - Xavia Barcomb


You can follow Xavia Barcomb (@xaviac96) on TikTok to follow along her parenting journey. 

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