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More than 40 dads showed up to 8th-grade graduation wearing the same purple shirt and here's why

Many people thought that this was a gesture to make their kids smile, but it was a wholesome prank.

More than 40 dads showed up to 8th-grade graduation wearing the same purple shirt and here's why
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jonichole84

We all enjoy doing memorable things on our special days. We could do better if our loved ones helped us do it. Jolee Windnagle (@jonichole84) posted a video on TikTok, where we can see 40 dads making an entry to their kids' 8th-grade graduation and wearing the exact same purple shirt. Many on the internet are wondering who thought of this prank: the kids or the dads. The video is part of the prank videos going viral on Twitter and they are called, "same shirt prank." Many TikTok users thought that this was just an attempt to surprise the students on their special day and bring smiles to their faces. They later found out it was a prank. 

Image Source: TikTok | @jonichole84
Image Source: TikTok | @jonichole84


After some discussion and debate, people concluded, it was neither the dad's idea nor the kids'. The idea has been credited to the moms/wives. These women knew that their husbands would wear whatever they suggested, so they came up with the most interesting prank. While most people who have tried it could not make more than 10 people wear the same shirt. These moms made 40-plus men wear the exact same shirt! In the video uploaded on TikTok, we first see Windnagle's husband, Wayne, make an entry into the school.

Further in the video, many dads are seen wearing the same purple shirt in the venue. As for the reactions, some people had a poker face, others looked surprised and some even looked confused. Finally, they realized it was a prank. They began talking to each other and they ended up posing together for a picture with purple shirts.

Windnagle also gave the backstory of this video, “A week before the graduation, I had been seeing a lot of the same prank shirts, so thought that I would attempt it,” she reveals. “I went ahead and sent out a Facebook message to a lot of the 8th-grade moms that I knew, explained the TikTok that I'd seen, and asked if they would want to attempt it with me. They added a lot of the moms that they knew, and so we would get a bigger group.”

“I added a link to the shirt that you've just seen from Amazon, so it was easy and we ended up like between 40 and 50 dads,” the woman continues. “They were all like surprised, shocked, maybe a few mad—I don't know. But it was super fun for the kids, for us, for the dads.” She never thought she would get that many people to participate, so she appreciates that she got many families from her small town to come together. “I think it just made 8th-grade promotion a little bit memorable for everybody,” she says. “The kids will remember it.”

This video has not just become viral on TikTok. It has also gained the attention of the Reddit community, where people are loving this prank too. u/DanielBWeston wrote, "They're what a prank should be. Confuse, don't abuse." And, u/Tight_Stable wrote, "The looks of obvious confusion on their faces and their body language is hilarious."

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 14, 2023. It has since been updated.

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