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Mom's unhinged song about unexpected visitors is hysterically accurate: 'Know that kids live here'

The mom nailed it with her parody about the best unapologetic response to share with any unexpected guest.

Mom's unhinged song about unexpected visitors is hysterically accurate: 'Know that kids live here'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @emilyvondy

Not many people are a fan of uninvited guests, especially parents with toddlers and young children. Thanks to the tiny tots, homes are always noisy, messy and in a bizarre state; a far cry from clean and neat. Moms have to forego their dreams of a spick and span house and try their luck at getting at least a clean floor. Emily Vondy–who goes by @emilyvondy on Instagram–relates too much to this scenario as a mom and shared a hilarious song for every unannounced guest. The parody hysterically reflected on how homes with kids should be expected to be beyond messy and that turning up unexpectedly opens windows to more chaotic surprises!

Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy
Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy

Vondy portrayed a guest suddenly arriving at a doorstep with the typical “I was in the area, so I thought I’d stop by” excuse. The mom was kind enough to offer her a beverage and suggested she could come in if she wanted. As the guest walks in, they find baffling and unhinged items and happenings all over the house. Vondy shared her own home’s example. She hilariously had scribbled drawings on just about any wall, a Super Mario toy hanging by a rope from the stairs, messy floors and a chair with an unruly white splash on it. Vondy then came in with the perfect song as a response to the guest’s reaction. “Wondering what that is? Have no fear... if you stop by unannounced just know that kids live here,” she sang.

Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy
Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy

She walked over to several spaces that were stashed with the most random toys and items and said, “Just know that kids live here.” Vondy first arrived at the space outside her house where her kids’ toys were laid. “We’re not having a garage sale... looks like this all year,” she sang. “Random bowls filled with sticks and rocks, cardboard houses, better knock! Bluey stickers on the wall, crockpot bath for the dolls,” Vondy sang as she shared a glimpse of spaces around her house. Right from diapers “stashed” in every drawer and “tripping hazards on the floor,” Vondy was unalarmed and used to the shenanigans.

Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy
Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy

She came over to the living room with toys dumped on the couch. “No room to sit in the sitting room, a somewhat random, concerning boom,” she added. Sharing more stills of her messy home, Vondy unapologetically sang, “Kids live here, yes kids live here. When you come into our house, just know that kids live here.” Sharing a humorous end to her creative tune, Vondy found herself flabbergasted and scared after her “guest” touched what looked like either “chocolate or poop.” To her luck, it turned out to be chocolate.

Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy
Image Source: Instagram|@emilyvondy

“Instead of apologizing for the state of your house, just play them this song because no apology is necessary! Unless they accidentally touch poop... then definitely apologize,” Vondy added in her caption. Parents related a little too much to the mom’s song and were super delighted to use the same. @abbybuahin remarked, “My doormat says, ‘Did you text me?’’” @shamamiam wrote, “My husband likes to say the decor of our house is that we have kids.” @poledad exclaimed, “I looked up at my fridge that has six Bluey stickers on there.” @mughee09 added, “I remember my mom saying if you have come to see us, welcome!! If you’ve come to see a clean house, make an appointment!”

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