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Moms share the real reason why sons need to learn cooking after one mom's take creates controversy

Peta Murgatroyd took to social media and shared a nine-second clip of teaching her six-year-old son, Shai, how to cook. 

Moms share the real reason why sons need to learn cooking after one mom's take creates controversy
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @mmichelau916

Lately, we've been having many conversations and discussions regarding gender roles and responsibilities. For a long time, in a heterosexual relationship, women were expected to stick to purely housework and the kitchen and men were expected to stick to finances and fixing things around the house. To bring about a change, parents today are attempting to raise their children differently with the aim of raising a human being who is capable of taking care of themselves and also capable of being a good partner.

Although a much-needed and crucial topic, it has given rise to various perspectives, understandings and even controversies from girl moms and boy moms. Professional dancer and star of "Dancing With The Stars" Peta Murgatroyd took to social media and shared a nine-second clip of teaching her six-year-old son Shai how to cook. 

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She doesn't say much but gives a cold stare to the camera while her son mixes some dry ingredients. She writes in the overlay text, "Making sure my son can cook so he’s not impressed by your daughter’s stouffers lasagna." Although the intention with which she uploaded the video is unclear, she seemingly addresses her son's future partner in the caption: "He’s going to need a home-cooked meal, Felicia." It is indeed important to teach our sons the life skills we teach our daughters instead of them expecting to be mothered by their partners, but viewers questioned Murgatroyd's intention behind the video and offered different perspectives.

Image Source: TikTok | @mmichelau916
Image Source: TikTok | @mmichelau916

 "This is pretty cringe. How about teaching my son to cook so he’s an equal partner to your daughter?" questioned @amorganharris. "Teach him to cook because every person should know how to cook. End story," suggested @sandra_dauria. "How about teaching him to cook so he understands it’s not all on his wife? Rather than shaming the food someone eats," added @taylorauffarth. 

"How about teaching him to cook to break the cultural stigma that women need to wait hand and foot on men? It’s a great skill for him to have but the delivery is a bit offensive and degrading to women," added @tabby_bishop. Megan (@mmichelau916) on TikTok, also offered a different perspective that gained more than 900 thousand views. She replies to Murgatroyd's video clip by sharing that her spouse was patient with her while she learned to cook which only made her relationship with him and cooking better. 

Image Source: TikTok | @mmichelau916
Image Source: TikTok | @mmichelau916

Megan said that when she first started dating her husband 20 years ago, she didn't know how to cook except for a grilled sandwich. He ate whatever she made and however badly. He would encourage her and say that she is doing a great job. He appreciated whatever she cooked and it led to her becoming a good cook. She suggested that instead of teaching sons to cook with spite, they should learn to cook to simply be good human beings. Many viewers agreed with her.

"She should've said 'so he can be a good partner to his future wife,'" commented @rdill114. "Anyway Stouffers lasagna slaps sometimes! Sometimes you don't feel like cooking and we still will chow down on that frozen lasagna," stated @StefunnyLee. "Teaching my boys to cook because it’s a basic human skill but also so they can take on some domestic responsibilities and give his spouse a break," shared @Hannah. It is probably important to understand that teaching boys how to cook and clean and girls how to drive and fix things is not to just 'help' their partners but to contribute to taking care of each other and themselves equally. 

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