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Mom's powerful letter to son's school headmaster who bullied him gets massive respect from people

The letter by the mom to the man in authority at her son's school is a well-deserved take down.

Mom's powerful letter to son's school headmaster who bullied him gets massive respect from people
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media, X | @henrywismayer

Moms can scold their kids for misbehavior but when time demands, they also defend and protect their children like a shield. Be it against a judgemental family member or an inconsiderate teacher, a mom will make sure she always has her kid's back. That was the case for a writer, Henry Wismayer (@henrywismayer), from South London. Wismayer shared his mom's "ferocious" letter to his insensitive school headmaster from 1998 on X and it gained over 317K views. Sharing this letter was Wismayer's way of wishing his mom on Mother's Day.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley

The letter, dated July 7, 1998, was addressed to Wismayer's then-headmaster who was bullying him. The mom didn't want to delay her response to the teacher's "ill-considered and offensive remarks." The day before she wrote the letter, the mom had attended a meeting with the headmaster regarding Wismayer's character assessment and his future prospects. They were to discuss the boy's lack of commitment to attend an athletics competition. However, the rude headmaster was solely focused on berating Wismayer and the mom was not having it. "You spent 45 minutes informing me that my son was worthless, arrogant, lazy, selfish and stupid," the mom wrote in the letter.


Wismayer's mother was infuriated that the headmaster used the word "thick" too often to describe her son's character. The inconsiderate headmaster had previously told the mother that her son was "too thick" to realize how his future was at stake and that neither he nor any other faculty were ready to guide him. Also, the headmaster threatened that Wismayer would not be considered by any Universities or employers and the mom called this "a strategy unbecoming of a man in his position." As per the mom, the headmaster was completely "out of control" and did not deal with the issue in a "rational and constructive manner." Considering all his insensitive remarks, the mom referred to the headmaster as a "bully who knows he is unlikely to be held accountable for his actions." 


"It is easy to destroy a child with an unremitting torrent of criticisms," the mom pointed out and added that she was ashamed to have supported the headmaster's opinions previously. However, she clearly indicated that she didn't want to trust his judgments about her son anymore. "I would prefer you to leave the disciplining of my son to a teacher less blinded by prejudice and spite, who might still be able to temper justice with mercy, a quality you clearly lack," she said. Just like the headmaster said that he had wasted a lot of time on Wismayer, the mom noted that she wasted a lot of time writing this letter.  


Turns out, Wismayer heard from his form tutor that this letter made his headmaster "apoplectic." Adding fuel to the fire, Wismayer made copies of his mom's letter and distributed it around the school making his mom a "schoolyard legend." He also posted a picture of the headstrong woman in the thread saying that she might be embarrassed by the attention her letter has been getting. But for people on the internet, she is a "legend." "Good! Fantastic letter, horrible dictator of a head," lauded @ashawolves. "The schoolyard was correct, your mum’s a legend," added @aCarolion.

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