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Mom's hilarious reenactment of daughter coming out has left the internet in splits

The mom stood close to a door and hilariously reenacted how her 22-year-old daughter came out to her.

Mom's hilarious reenactment of daughter coming out has left the internet in splits
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Coming out to one's parents and receiving support and acceptance is a big thing for the queer community. It's even better when your parents don't even bat an eye and give you their unconditional love. A 22-year-old shared her mom's heartwarming reenactment of her coming out and people simply couldn't have enough of the hilariously wholesome moment. The mom left everyone in stitches with her sass and punch lines. The video on YouTube by Brosiedon Johnson in 2015 has received more than 130k views and over 70,000 shares on Tumblr. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketchum Community
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketchum Community

The video begins as the mom says that when a person comes out of the closet there's supposed to be an announcement. "You say you gay," the mom explains as she stands near a door in a pink robe. "We were waiting on the announcement," the mom revealed. The mom goes on, "For us, it was like, are you coming out? Not yet." She expressed that she would check every now and then if her daughter was ready and demonstrated it by knocking on the door and opening it a crack. "Oh okay, let us know when you come out," the mom added.

Finally, she swings the door open to depict how her daughter came out. She said it wasn't locked, we accidentally found out. The mom knew all along and waited patiently until she couldn't anymore. The caption from the 22-year-old's Tumblr read, "My mom says this was how it was when I came out. I love her. She’s a minister, everyone. Religion shouldn’t involve hate." After the reaction to the video received, Johnson told Buzzfeed, "My friends have been tagging me whenever the video shows up. We think it's hilarious that a video we don't think is super funny is receiving so much feedback — the video was honest." 

The genuine honesty touched people. Johnson said describing her mom, “Really religious, a minister, and chaplain to the sick.” The woman added that her mom was also battling stage 4 bone cancer and was quite funny and hilarious to be around. People took to the comments section to praise the supportive and loving mom as well as appreciate her comedic timing. @Zhenerdylittlekitty wrote, "Bwahahaha! I love her delivery! She should do stand-up comedy! Congrats on your coming out and on having such a supportive mom!" @q.t.gamingfamily said, "I know this is old but I just saw it today. I absolutely love the way she delivered this because those of us who are closest to you and love you unconditionally it's how we do. We don't ever want to pull you out of the proverbial closet but we really already know and again love you unconditionally." 


@zackamillee shared their own story and commented, "When one of my childhood best friends came out to me and my other friend Jaxon, he picked our favorite restaurant over in Long Beach. Mind you this place is a quiet mom-and-pop shop, CJ starts off by saying 'I got some big news.' I said, 'What’s up?' He goes 'I’m gay.' I look at Jaxon: Jaxon’s looking back at me, we both ask 'Okay... and?' In disbelief CJ repeats 'I’m gay, Jaxon replies 'are y’all getting married?' CJ still in disbelief tries to assure us that’s big news. We look at him in confusion and tell him that we know.- So to any of you who are out there waiting to come out just get it off your chest! The ones really close to you already know." 

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