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Mom shares heartbreaking wish that her 8-year-old daughter made on her Christmas list

Along with some usual materialistic gifts, this little girl also wishes for something else and it's making people tear up.

Mom shares heartbreaking wish that her 8-year-old daughter made on her Christmas list
Cover Image Source: (L) TikTok | @thebolivers | (R) Facebook | Suzy Boliver

Christman is that time of the year when kids make a long list of their wishes to Santa Claus. Most of them want materialistic gifts like a new toy, a dress or maybe a fancy gadget. Ultimately, the parents pose as Santa to buy the kids their desired gifts. But one mother wasn't expecting to find something unusual in the wishlist of her 8-year-old daughter when she made her list for Santa for the Christmas of 2022.


A mother named Suzy Boliver (@thebolivers on TikTok) made a video on her page that is bound to make people emotional. Boliver was shocked and saddened to see two not-so-materialistic wishes on her daughter's wishlist for Santa. The video with millions of views, showed Boliver capturing the wishlist on her camera. The kid from the newest generation wanted a bunch of expensive items like an iPad mini, Apple Pencil, Air Track, and iPhone 12 which seemed pretty obvious coming from a kid who is growing up while being surrounded by technology.

Image Source: TikTok | @thebolivers
Image Source: TikTok | @thebolivers

But her last two requests to Santa appear to take a heartbreaking turn. Boliver’s daughter writes that she wants “even more friends” and “less bullying to me.” “When you get your eight-year-old daughter’s Christmas list,” the overlay texts on Boliver's video read. “When I say my heart sank.” “I wasn’t going to post this but you know what…this is being 8 years old in 2022 and maybe we should be talking about it,” the mom captioned the video.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | 
RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

This sparked a debate in the comment section of Boliver's video indeed as several mothers and people who had experienced bullying in their lives opened up about their sincere thoughts. @ta_dean suggested, "You should set up a PO Box so we can send her postcards from friends around the country. I’d send her one from Oregon!." "Thank you so much! I mentioned it to her and she was so happy people might actually send her letters. Thinking of setting up a PO Box for her!" the mom responded.

@402marie wrote, "I'd be furious. Go directly to the school. Ask questions, and get to the bottom of this. Be that mama bear." Even @barbie official page dropped in to leave their sweet words that read, "One day, your little one’s kind heart will win over any ugliness that comes her way. We’d like to add some sparkle and cheer to her holiday wishes." @christaaa07 recalled, "No seriously. I remember when I was 8 years old in 3rd grade I literally got bullied and I’ll forever remember exactly what was said to me."

Image source: TikTok | @miriammac6
Image source: TikTok | @miriammac6

@babyysydd98 commented, "Take her out of school if you actually love her, it’s only gonna get worse as she develops take it from someone who was bullied so badly I dropped out." @harmonielobeck added, "I was bullied throughout my whole childhood!! If there’s any way I could send a little Christmas card I’d be more than happy to remind her that these people being mean are just a fraction of people who aren’t worth her time or her sadness and that there are many people out there who would love."

Image Source: TikTok | @user5093271884413
Image Source: TikTok | @user5093271884413

Just like this 8-year-old, a bullied boy from Texas named Shayden Walker was captured by a neighbor's doorbell camera as he went from door to door making attempts to find new friends. "Hi. I just wanted to see if you knew any kids around 11 or 12, maybe, because I need some friends. Like, bad," Walker said, looking a bit restless as he knocked on the door of a man named Brennan Ray.

Image Source: TikTok | @brennanray
Image Source: TikTok | @brennanray

Ray told him that two kids lived down the road and Walker could befriend them, but the little boy made a shocking revelation. "Well, um, they're not my friends anymore because they're bullies to me," Walker said. Later on, Ray and his family even visit Walker's house for the first time for a reunion after Walker's video gained traction. Many people noted that Shayden has gained not only friends but also loving families and a lot of supporters on the internet.

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