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Mom explains why she asks her kids to pay rent and utilities and it's sparking a fierce debate

Samantha Bird argued that it was to teach her children financial planning and management and she may have a point.

Mom explains why she asks her kids to pay rent and utilities and it's sparking a fierce debate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh

Every parent has a different method of teaching their kids how to handle finances, a vital skill in today's world. However, when one mom shared on the internet that she charges her kids rent and utilities, people got upset, but she has all the right reasons to do so. Samantha Bird—who goes by @samanthabirdshiloh on TikTok—shares a video that states the importance of teaching kids about money management. He starts the video by saying, "I said I charge my kids rent and utilities, and the internet kind of freaked out. Some of you were mad and some of you got it. But let me explain."

Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh
Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh

"We charge our kids rent and utilities. My kids get $6 a week for their allowance for chores that they do day to day. $1 per week is expected to go toward their expenses. We charge them each $1 for rent, $1 for groceries, and $1 for utilities on the first of each month. They track it on their budget trackers and other spending or categories happen after those payments. They set that dollar in a separate envelope for utilities and then at the beginning of the next month, we charge them for their bills. We want them to learn about expenses and bills and a safe environment now," Bird reveals.

Also, she explains that they are charged $1 once a month each for everything and the rest they get to decide how to use it. “We encourage them in all different categories such as investing, saving, giving, and spending,” the mom adds. The woman then goes on to answer some of the questions she got from the people on the internet. The first question is about what happens if they don't pay their bills. "Nothing, because they're children. I don't evict them as many of you suggested, we work with them to make sure that they set aside enough money," Bird opens up.

Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh
Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh

The mother then asked when did she start doing this with her children. Bird said she started it in the past year, but they have been talking to them about the money their entire life the same way they talk about any other tool they are trying to equip them with. "Having healthy relationships, strong self-esteem and positive boundaries, this is no different. It's just a tool in their tool belt as they get older,” the mom shares.

Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh
Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh

Bird then talked about the workbooks they use to make their kids understand how to save, spend, and invest. "I would rather give my children some money to work with and learn valuable skills than they have to figure it out on their own when they're adults and the stakes are much higher," the mom admitted. Also, she said the family talks about "money for half an hour each week and then they get to color in their savings trackers or watch their investments and take their spending money to the store with them."

Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh
Image Source: TikTok | @samanthabirdshiloh

The video went viral with over 1 million views. It is captioned, "I didn't expect this to be so controversial, but here we are." People stood by the mom for the financial literacy she is giving her kids. @debtkickindogmom commented, "Look at this! Parents being parents!" @annvath wrote, "Wait!! Some people thought this was bad. I wish my parents did this when I was growing up!" @rOII3rd3rby shared, "It boggles my mind that some parents don't believe teaching their kids about money and budgeting is their job!!! Because it 100% is!!"

You can follow Samantha Bird (@samanthbirdshiloh) for more content on financial literacy. Also, check out her Amazon store to buy some amazing products.

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