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Mom who gave birth while intubated with Coronavirus makes ICU nurse baby's godmother

The ICU nurses felt a connect with 28-year-old Monique Jones from Ferguson, and held a baby shower for her as well.

Mom who gave birth while intubated with Coronavirus makes ICU nurse baby's godmother
Image source: YouTube screengrab/KMOV St. Louis

A woman from Missouri has named a nurse her baby's godmother after she potentially saved her life and that of her baby's. Monique Jones, 28, of Ferguson was diagnosed with Coronavirus when she was pregnant and ended up delivering the baby while being intubated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Monique Jones didn't know she had delivered the baby until she woke up days later. The Intensive care unit nurse Caitlyn Obrock took care of Monique Jones and raised $2,000 in baby gifts. Along with her colleagues, she also held a baby shower for Jones. Touched by acts of kindness, Monique Jones decided to name Caitlyn Obrock godmother to her baby, Zamyrah Prewitt, reported Good Morning America. Monique Jones finally got to bring home her child after a close shave. 



Monique Jones had tested positive for Coronavirus in early September after experiencing chills and shortness of breath. Jones said she had followed the protocols and rarely stepped out of her home, except to go to the grocery store. She always wore a mask and washed her hands regularly. She was hospitalized but her condition worsened. Within three weeks, her blood pressure shot up and doctors at Barnes-Jewish Hospital decided to intubate her and performed a C-section to deliver the baby at 29 weeks. Zamyrah Prewitt was born weighing 2 pounds and 5 ounces. The 28-year-old said she was fearful for her life and that of her daughter's as her condition worsened. "It was possible that I wouldn't live. That's all I was thinking," said Jones. "They asked me if it was possible to take my baby out. At first, I told them no but I wasn't getting any better. So I took a risk and it paid off." Caitlyn Obrock said Jones was high on oxygen and nervous about intubation. "She was scared," said Obrock. "I was very invested in her, hoping and praying for a good outcome."

Healthcare workers intubating a COVID patient. - stock photo/Getty Images

After Monique Jones woke up, she learned that she had given birth while being intubated. "I am happy and grateful that I'm still here but at the same time it's still overwhelming," said Jones. The nurses at the ICU held a baby shower for Jones. Weighing just over two pounds, Zamyrah remained in the NICU at the Children's Hospital for several months before she grew stronger. The doctors finally gave her the go-ahead to go home with her mother just in time for Christmas. Now, after 5 months, Zamyrah weighs more than five pounds and is healthy. Zamyrah is home with her mom, dad Jamez Prewitt and sister Damiea, 6. "I feel like I'm complete and I feel like I was fighting not for me but for them," said Jones. "Family always meant a lot and for me to have one of my own, it feels good, to have the support."


Jones was transferred to a rehabilitation facility affiliated with Barnes after she woke up. She was given occupational, speech and physical therapy. Obrock rarely keeps in touch with her patients but there was something about Jones. Obrock raised $2,000 in baby gifts for Jones before holding a baby shower for her when she was well.

"It was to boost her morale," said Obrock. "The way she started out motherhood with this baby was unfair and we wanted her to know how special and loved she is." Obrock calls Zamyrah a miracle baby. Monique Jones recently asked the Obrock to be the baby's godmother and said she hoped to celebrate the decision with her once the pandemic was over. 

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