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Mom turns daughter into a 'gothic baby' and the internet absolutely loves it

The mother responded to the backlash received who said that it is too dark an aesthetic for a baby.

Mom turns daughter into a 'gothic baby' and the internet absolutely loves it
Image Source: Instagram/Reby Hardy

Dressing up a baby is perhaps one of the favorite hobbies of parents around the world. They love to dress their little ones until they start making their apparel choices. Even some of them like to have fun with it. Similarly, a mother, Reby Hardy, on TikTok, dresses her daughter as a "gothic baby" and the internet is here for it. While she faced backlash from some quarters of social media, a majority lauded the idea of the former Playboy centerfold, per Tyla.




Reby has four children with her husband, American professional boxer Matt Hardy. Reby decided she wanted to be a goth when she was nine years old and saw a woman in New York's East Village wearing all black and fishnet stockings. The mother's style hasn't changed when she had children with Matt. Some of the rooms in their family's house even have a gothic look. Reby has also created a sketch of her youngest child, 'gothic baby' Ever Moore.

However, the mother has been called out for her 'gothic baby' TikTok posts, even by the Loose Women panel. On 22 December, panelist Katie Piper said, "I don’t like that interior. It’s all black and dark. Babies don’t like that." She added, "I’m just going to put it out there it’s giving me satanic vibes, it’s giving me bad energy, it’s toxic, I don’t like it and also, it’s a baby. The cots are tombs. You can’t put your baby in a grave." Some TikTok users are also opposed to Reby's desire to incorporate her children into her gothic lifestyle. One of the users wrote, "I would hate my mom forever if she grew me up like this. I will grow up my girls pink and spoiled."




However, many social media users have rushed to Reby's platform to support her and 'gothic baby'. In response to the person who stated that they would dress their "girls in pink," a TikTok user said, "Wait… but they’re doing the same thing to their girls but in pink. They don’t see the hypocrisy." In response to Loose Women's criticisms and condemnation of 'gothic baby,' the mother stated that 'gothic baby' is a 'skit.' She said in a TikTok video, "It started as me doing this voice late at night to not wake my baby up as part of a satirical response to people saying that using dark colors in my decor made me satanic. That is not what makes me satanic. And now here we are, and a UK television show has actually done a TV spot about a gothic baby." 



Reby also replied to Loose Women's assertion that all of her rooms are gloomy except one by showing fans various additional rooms that do not have overtly gothic decor. She said, "They go on to mention the beige mums who do everything monochromatically with beige and cream - that's okay - praising it for being gender neutral. [...] How do you think this color scheme started? At least the gothic nursery has depth and color and warmth."

Reby maintained that utilizing dark colors for interior design is an 'architectural design,' not an 'adult theme,' and that she'll cheerfully alter the color of her baby's bedroom walls if Ever Moore requests a different design when she's older. "It kind of just seems like an attack on someone different," she concluded.

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