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Mom tuns into a Michael Scott meme after being told she's going to be a grandma

This grandma could not hold back her emotions as she unknowingly recreated a famous meme from the hit sitcom, 'The Office.'

Mom tuns into a Michael Scott meme after being told she's going to be a grandma
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @stephandmicah

Pregnancy news always draws different reactions from your near and dear ones. Some reactions are simply shock, which later join in to cheer and applause, while others become a popular meme. A couple that travels in an ambulance, Steph and Micah—who goes by @stephandmicah on TikTok—shared a video where Steph's sister announced that she was having a baby and her mom unwittingly turned into a meme that social media users are familiar with. While posing for what they thought was a still photograph, Steph's parents were told to say "grandparents" instead of "cheese" as a man recorded them in a video.

 Image Source: TikTok | @stephandmicah
Image Source: TikTok | @stephandmicah

Steph's mom immediately dissolves into a whirlpool of shock and surprise as she springs out of her chair and starts chanting "no!" like Michael Scott from "The Office." The mom initially thinks her daughter is teasing her but slowly accepts the wholesome news. She walks all over the room in sheer disbelief as she continues to shout "no!" over and over again. Finally, she breaks down in tears of joy and hugs her pregnant daughter. Meanwhile, her dad sits at the dining table, taking a bit too long to process the news and then he finally gets up as realization hits him. "When your mother has been waiting her whole life to be a grandmother," the overlay text on the video read.

One of the most popular workplace comedies, "The Office," gave the viewers a bunch of unforgettable characters. Also, it generated many memes. So, fans can easily recognize the memes extracted from certain scenes and episodes of the show. Out of them all, Michael Scott is a beloved character, portrayed by Steve Carell and a scene where he is exclaiming "No!" repeatedly and aggressively has become a go-to reaction meme for the online crowd. TikTok users who came across this video were quick to point out how Steph's mom's reaction had a clear resemblance to that of Carell's character from the show.

Image Source: TikTok | @yourmad140
Image Source: TikTok | @yourmad140

@amyweb7 joked, "It's like Christmas morning. Dad doesn't have a clue what's going on while mom comes unglued." @michel4reel mentioned, "Grandma was scared this was a joke. She's the most special lady ever. What a sweet angel." @patiencewinsford commented, "How many times was this woman teased about grandbabies? She could not believe it." @irenecataldi2 wrote, "The mom wants to know if it's for real. Dad is confused and the little dog is like, 'Hey, is it dinner time?'" @muva_hustlaa added, "I understand the meaning of each and every no. From vulnerability, questions, 'quit playing you guys' and sheer joy all at once."

@stephandmicah Best reaction from my mom 😂 this was my sister announcing her pregnancy to my mom. She was SO happy and couldn't believe it! 🤣🥰🤰🏼#pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #grandparents #grandparentsreaction #pregnancytiktok ♬ original sound - stephandmicah


Similarly, another set of parents had a hilarious reaction to their daughter's pregnancy reveal as well. Marissa Mero (@marissamero) decided to surprise her parents with her second baby's pregnancy news. But rather than dropping the news without any suspense, she sneaked in her sonogram picture on the table of Texas Roadhouse, where they went to eat one day. Mero's mother initially thought somebody had left their "baby's picture" on the table. While looking at the sonogram, both parents tried to locate the mother's name on the sonogram.

When Mero's mom finally spotted her daughter's name on it, she was left dumbfounded and then started shrieking in delight. Mero's dad immediately took the sonogram and began lovingly gazing at it, trying to take in the heartwarming news. Mero and her husband had a good laugh over it and the would-be grandparents couldn't stop looking at the first image of their grandkid. "What in the world?" the mom said, trying to get herself together. "You'll have to move in with me," she exclaimed.

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