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Mom tries to calm daughter going through anxiety attack while lying on the driveway in the rain

Thhe mother arrives at the spot in her car and proceeds to lay beside her daughter to be there for her.

Mom tries to calm daughter going through anxiety attack while lying on the driveway in the rain
Cover Image Source: Twitter / Tansu Yegen

Panic or anxiety episodes can happen anywhere, at any time. People who are susceptible to them continually live in fear or anticipation of experiencing one of these episodes. Having an anxiety or panic attack is a terrible and terrifying experience. It could be the worst experience a person could have. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these incidents, see them as common occurrences, and fail to give the person the attention they need. These folks endure silently and in solitude. The video, which was shared on Twitter, shows the daughter lying in the rain on the driveway. After a few seconds, the mother comes in her car and walks up to sit near her daughter. In the rain, she sleeps with her daughter and comforts her till she feels better.

“The girl in blue was experiencing anxiety. She called her mother, who arrived to find her lying in the rain in the driveway. Instead of becoming enraged, she sits down, takes her daughter's hand, and lies with her until her anxiety subsides,” reads the caption.



The video has received over 6 million views and several responses. People praised the mother for sticking by her daughter through such a difficult time. Many others commented on how important it was to see parents discussing mental health concerns. "That's a real parent. Rare breed," commented one Twitter user. "That’s mother," said another. Moreover, during panic attacks, people desperately want someone to understand their state of mind, be there for them and help them out of this mess.



However, there was a demographic of people who didn't quite support this due to the reason this being a very vulnerable moment for the girl and that it shouldn't have been shared. One user said, "Why did this lady share this? Her daughter has such severe anxiety that it drives her to call her mom and lay in the rain, and her mom POSTS it so people will see what a great mom she is. Thanks, I hate it." Another said, "That’s a bit dramatic." A third person said, "I can’t get down with this. It’s weird to me & always will be. I don’t know how some people will make it in the world if this is how you deal with anxiety. Life is very tough & the hits never stop. This is extreme in my opinion and you can’t expect others to coddle you like this." 



There is a little backstory of this incident. On April 17, 2021, Messick, a schoolteacher, was driving home from work when she saw her 13-year-old daughter, Grace, lying on the damp driveway. She sensed her kid was not feeling well at that time. The concerned mother recalled: "She tried to raise her head and say something, so I knew something was wrong."The young girl believed that sleeping on the ground would help her cope, but things took a different turn. Messick disclosed: "She was afraid she would be in trouble for being out in the rain, but she literally could not get up." Messick didn't think about the security camera that had captured their sweet moment while she was helping her daughter deal with mental tension in the rain. When Grace calmed down and they walked inside, Messick considered reviewing the security camera tape.



Later that day, Messick downloaded the camera footage to her phone and posted it to TikTok. It was the first video she had ever published on her TikTok page, and she had no idea it would go popular so quickly. Messick's main reason for publishing the video to TikTok was to save it for Grace to watch anytime she felt down. She said: "I am thankful that it's bringing awareness to mental health around the world. Because mental health is so important regardless of a person's age."

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