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Mom teaches valuable lesson to daughter for mistreating friend and excluding her from birthday trip

The mom tried to talk to her daughter about how her friend would feel if left out but the daughter said she didn't want her pictures to be ruined.

Mom teaches valuable lesson to daughter for mistreating friend and excluding her from birthday trip
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay | Reddit | u/Winloserepeat-908

Parents often feel guilty for their children's mistakes because they believe that whatever the kids do, it comes under their responsibility. And that's why a mom on Reddit shared how she canceled her daughter's vacation which was planned for her birthday when she mistreated her best friend. 

Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

u/Winloserepeat-908 started the post by saying that her daughter, Abby, embarked on her weight loss journey a year ago, and the mom set up a milestone-reward system in which she would buy her a little gift for every milestone she reached. The mother wrote, "Four months ago she asked that I don't get her any more rewards and add it up to her birthday gift, and for her gift, she wants a vacation I will pay for, for her and her friends instead of the huge party I had promised for her 18th. I said OK." 

She then shared what happened last weekend. "We started preparing for her vacation. I called the other two girls' parents to confirm the girls would be there and learned Abby's best friend Betty wasn't going. Betty loves traveling and was looking forward to the vacation so I asked why. Apparently, Abby uninvited her because 'she is too chubby to look good in pictures,'" revealed the 42-year-old. 

Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

The mom tried to talk to her daughter about how Betty would be feeling left out and Abby responded that she "didn't work so hard for this vacation so my pictures will be ruined." "Long story short, I insisted Abby should apologize to Betty for body shaming her and reminded her how horrible she felt when people did it to her not even more than a year ago."

The woman also threatened to cancel the vacation. "If she didn't apologize because although I am glad she is so confident in her skin now, it is not an excuse to put others down. She stormed off and went to her dad," the mom shared. Later she received a call from her former husband blaming her for making decisions for Abby and using it as an excuse to cancel the vacation. 

The mom revealed, "He also insisted he pays an extra 10% for Abby's needs so he demands I don't cancel. I told him off for enabling her bullying and hung up, then called Abby and reminded her I was not asking her to invite Betty if she didn't want to, but to apologize for how unnecessarily mean and hurtful she was." But the daughter still didn't apologize instead she persuaded Betty to call her mom and tell her that she lied about not being invited and she actually canceled because she was not feeling well.

When Betty didn't agree to do that, Abby sent her "a ton of hateful texts and body shaming insults." The mom said, "I can't even write down. Betty sent me screenshots so I canceled the vacation. My ex tried to rebook but it's a very popular place with a long waiting list so soon after I canceled, the girls were replaced with other people." She added that both her ex and her daughter are blaming her for canceling the vacation and Abby is not talking to her. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/wlfwrtr
Image Source: Reddit | u/wlfwrtr

The woman asked people on Reddit if she was wrong in doing so. u/Due_Laugh_3852 commented, "Teaching your daughter to not be a horrible human being is putting her first." "I commend your strength and parenting skills. This was the right thing to do and would've been hard to do. Well done, you deserve to go on the holiday yourself," wrote u/Loud_Wallaby737. u/Notsure973 shared, "I think it is an appropriate punishment for body shaming/bullying and this lesson can correct the importance she places on body image." u/artshildr said, "NTA. You're not 'making decisions for Abby.' You're making decisions about how you spend your own money."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Marketing Artistic925
Image Source: Reddit | u/Marketing Artistic925

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