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Mom gives toddler the license to shop at Target and the internet is living for it

The video has garnered over 4.1 million views on the video-sharing platform and begins with Mart and her daughter clinking their coffee cups before entering Target.

Mom gives toddler the license to shop at Target and the internet is living for it
Cover Image Source: Tiktok / @albinamart

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2023. It has since been updated.

Everyone loves to grab a coffee and shop at Target every once in a while. When you walk into Target, you will probably see a Starbucks near the entrance that establishes this warm, inviting vibe and makes everyone want to spend hours there. It's even more indulging when you go alone without the husband who asks you to stop making unnecessary purchases. However, for one little toddler who always wanted to shop at Target, her mom made her wish come true. For her first shopping date, mom Albina Mart, aka @albinamart on TikTok accompanied her daughter to Target and even grabbed some babyccino.  



The little shopper had a baby-friendly shopping cart she could maneuver while looking through some goodies. Kids are known to go a little over the top and buy everything they see but this little girl was surprisingly mindful of what she put into her cart. This video has garnered over 4.1 million views on TikTok and begins with Mart and her daughter clinking their coffee cups before entering Target. “Cheers to her 1st time when I let her get whatever she can fit in the cart,” the text inlay in the video read. Initially, her daughter seemed a little shy, but when she understood that this whole day was dedicated to her, she did not hold back and proceeded to shop like a pro. 

She prances around the store, pushes her cart, and stops at the toddler clothing sections where she finds this lovely pink sweater. Her mom encourages her to get it but she realized that she only has limited space on her cart and decides to pass on that. But soon, she gets her hands on this ruffled tutu mickey mouse dress which she loved in an instant. And why not consider the fit she was wearing at the time consisting of a pink mickey mouse sweatshirt paired with matching pants and leopard print boots along with a contrasting black crossbody bag? After getting her new dress, she decides to get some essentials like water bottles. 

Image Source: Tiktok / @albinamart
Image Source: Tiktok / @albinamart


She walks around a little more while sipping her drink and, heads to the book section and immediately grabs an “I Love You” bunny book without any further inspection. She has some taste. Her highlight of the day that she saved for the last was getting something from the toy section. The toddler picks up a Cocomelon radio station that has a microphone and shows it to her mom who is quite expressive through the wide-eyed emojis in the video. After the day was over, she insisted on pushing the cart and walked over to the checkout. “Walking to check out took another 10 minutes because she didn’t want to get any help and carried everything by herself,” Mart said in the video. 

The little miss independent even loaded her goodies onto the belt before leaving the store with all her purchases. Thousands of comments came in to tell Mart how cute her daughter was on her mini shopping spree. "Oh my gosh! Are you kidding? She needs one of our little matching cross bodies and leather shoes to coordinate with her purchases. 😂🥰", commented.  @baresolesmoccs. "So cute!!! I know she’s tired after all that shopping 😂❤️, wrote @momlife_of1, who completely resonated with Mart's daughter. "Something to read, something to wear, something for fun, something for care. Smart kiddo", penned @nuckinfuts.kickinbutts. "Maybe if my cart was this size I wouldn’t buy $200 worth of stuff every trip 😂" chimed in @Sadieward who totally admitted the habit of overspending on her every visit. 

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