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Mom takes a day off from parenting and all hell breaks loose

She said, 'And in the 5 minutes I was in the house I saw that my 1-year-old had gotten into the linen closet and gotten into a jar of Vicks Vaporub.'

Mom takes a day off from parenting and all hell breaks loose
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @katrinagrillo

It is a rare occurrence when mothers get a bit of time off, especially when it comes to parenting. And even when they do, it is not always as smooth a day as they imagined it to be. There could be an emergency call at any time. Such a case happened with Katrina Grillo, who took to Tiktok to share how her so-called “off-day” went. She started by saying, “So today is supposed to be my day off from parenting. I’m supposed to have the whole day to myself to do whatever I want.” The day began the way she desired. She said, “This morning, I took myself out to breakfast, I had a spa appointment this afternoon, but after I took myself to breakfast, I came back to the house while my husband was taking care of the kids, to grab something.”

Tiktok | @katrinagrillo
Tiktok | @katrinagrillo


Then it went downhill from there. “And in the 5 minutes, I was in the house, I saw that my 1-year-old had gotten into the linen closet and gotten into a jar of Vicks Vaporub all over his hands. We have no idea he ate any of it or how much. So, I packed up my stuff and told my husband to call the pediatrician. They asked him to call poison control. After I leave the house, he calls me and tells me that poison control told him to directly take him to ER,” she narrated.

She asked her husband if she should come home and her husband told her that it was fine. Then she said, “In two minutes, he calls to tell me that the 4-year-old has locked him out of the house.” The video soon went viral with more than 1.7 million views and is captioned, "and this is why moms don’t get days off."

Many on Tiktok could understand how the mother was feeling but also understood that it was a bad day for the father as well. @user8797197936286 wrote, “Listen, guys, I’m sure he’s a good dad the fact that they have “parent days off” shows he’s trying, mistakes can happen he’s human chill out y’all man🤣.” @Tessa_74 commented, “It happens so quickly you don’t realize what just happened 🤣🙌 kids have stealth and speed that cannot be compared 🤣❤️.” @Indica wrote, “This is kinda funny, you will laugh about it one day 😂 Luv it!! Trust me, u will miss this chaos one day.” @Torri785 pointed out, “I'm a mom and I've had days like this where I can't get anything right. Parents aren't superheroes, we just try every day to be that for our kids.”

Tiktok | @katrinagrillo
Tiktok | @katrinagrillo


However, many users were upset with the dad that he could not take care of the kids for a day. @jessica.mongomery commented, “Why is he not able to function with his kids? I do not understand….” @sapphicbrooklyn wrote, “Hard to get the day off from parenting when you have to parent the other parent.” @carolinepeters13 commented, “I’ve learned to just say to my husband “pretend I’m not here” and then I walk away. Best for both of us.”



Later, Katrina made another video to defend her husband after all the hate he received in the last video. She said, “Kids do get into things that don’t make him an incompetent father. He is a really good dad and he was the one who grabbed the jar of Vicks from our son and immediately called the pediatrician and then the poison control and was on top of it."

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