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Mom takes a stand for daughter after unfair teacher forces her to stay with dirty boy on school trip

The teacher, despite repeated requests from the girl, ordered her to stay with an unhygienic classmate the whole time on their trip to a waterpark.

Mom takes a stand for daughter after unfair teacher forces her to stay with dirty boy on school trip
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | sergio souza, Reddit | u/surroundsound

Teachers can sometimes be extremely selfish or inconsiderate and that's when they need to be taught a lesson. Everything that happens at school should be void of any personal issues and egos and focus solely on the growth of the child. In a story posted by a mom u/surroundsound on TikTok, she talks about how she dealt with a teacher being super unfair to her daughter.

Representative Image Source: Pixabay | 14995841
Representative Image Source: Pixabay | 14995841

The mom began her story by saying that her daughter Bryn, who is 9 years old, had a waterpark trip with her classmates and she was super excited about it. However, one day, Bryn came home and told her mom that she no longer wanted to go sometime next week. On being asked why, she was unwilling to tell her mom anything because she was worried her mom would think she was a bad person. After a lot of convincing and reassuring, Bryn finally shared the truth. She told that her teacher, Ms. N, forced her to be the "buddy" of a classmate called Ben and she was the only one being forced to do so. The problem with this was that being a buddy meant Bryn wouldn't get time to spend with her friends since she was asked to eat, travel and even go on rides with only Ben. She also said that nobody liked Ben because he was an unhygienic kid who would constantly "pick his nose and wipe boogers everywhere."

Now, the mom was upset since not only did Ms. N force her daughter into doing this, but she also made the kid believe she was a bad person to not want to. She stated, "Unfortunately, this wasn’t my first experience with Ms. N, as she frequently used my soft-spoken, intelligent older daughter as a 'behavior buffer' for the naughty boys until I threatened to report her to the superintendent." The mother explained that it seemed as if Ms. N was way too comfortable with imposing gender roles on kids, which require females to do "unpaid emotional labor" for the boys. So, like any parent would, she sent Ms. N an email saying this wasn't okay, to which the teacher replied that if Bryn wanted to come on the trip, she had to be Ben's buddy. The mother immediately pulled Bryn from the trip. She had a better plan and said, "I immediately booked VIP tickets the same day her class was going so she could still go to the park and see her friends."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

However, with this move, the mother turned the situation in her favor. So apparently, Bryn was a popular kid and because she was pulled from the trip, some more kids from her class did the same. These other kids were either going to go with Bryn or they were not going altogether. Since out of a class of twenty, eight kids had now pulled out of the trip, Ms. N had an issue to deal with. The mom explained further, "I got an email from Ms. N saying that because almost half of the class isn’t going, they either have to raise the cost for the other students or not go at all." The mom added, "She practically begged me to let Bryn go and tell all the other parents to let their kids go, promising she wouldn’t make Bryn do anything she didn’t want to do." However, the mom denied her, saying she should have thought about this before she forced Bryn to do something against her wish. After a few conversations with other moms, the woman also realized that Ms. N would impose such gender restrictions frequently on the kids.

Bryn's father didn't like the fact that his wife refused to cooperate with the teacher, but she stood her ground strongly because this wasn't the first time Ms. N had done something like this. The mom complained about this to the administration, along with the many other parents who had experienced something similar. This resulted in the teacher being placed on temporary leave until they found a more permanent solution to this. The mom ended her post by saying, "I'd like to see her fired and blacklisted from ever teaching again, but I hope this at least scares her out of treating her students this way."

Image Source: Reddit | u/ContendedRecluse
Image Source: Reddit | u/ContendedRecluse

The comments section completely agreed with her. Reader u/VioletDaisyAMJ said, "NTA. Bryn is nine. Ms. N should be the one helping the boys in the class learn better behavior. What a terrible precedent to set for the young women of the future. Not only are you right, but you should detail this and her other actions to the superintendent. She is shirking her duties as an educator and reinforcing archaic gender roles." Another reader, u/BuildingBridges23, said, "NTA. I was used as a behavior buffer as a kid many times. Well-behaved kids should not be punished or made to feel guilty about not wanting to. I would have done the same thing!"

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