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Mom surprises her kids with a new home having a 'big backyard' and their reaction is truly wholesome

The mom has managed to buy her kids a permanent home and their reaction to the big news moved her to tears.

Mom surprises her kids with a new home having a 'big backyard' and their reaction is truly wholesome
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @__martistry_

Everybody deserves to have their basic necessities met, including having a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and food on their plates. But countless unfortunate people struggle to survive without access to these necessities. So when it comes to buying a house for the first time, most people are unable to hold back their emotions. Buying the first house becomes an important milestone in any individual's life. In a heartwarming video shared by Martistry, who goes by @__martistry_ on Instagram, she surprises her kids by driving them to their brand-new home and the reaction dropped by her young boy is bound to drive everyone to the brink of tears. The video was also posted on Reddit by u/JustACaliBoy.

Image Source: Reddit | u/JustACaliBoy
Image Source: Instagram | @__martistry_ 

The mom slowly drives into a nice neighborhood with several houses lined up side by side. The woman has another child in the back seat who is not visible on the camera, but the viewers can hear that kid briefly. In the front of the car, she has her young son, who is focused on the view outside the window as they pass by several rows of houses until they stop in front of one. "They have no clue about what is about to happen," the overlay text on the video reads. "Been keeping this a surprise for weeks. Welcome home, my loves."

"Do you like it?" the mom asks her son while they park in front of a house with white garage doors. "Yeah, is there a big backyard," the son questions back and the mom responds by saying that the property indeed has a big backyard. The little boy looks surprised at that news but still hasn't heard the bigger news yet. "Well, it's ours," the mom finally reveals the surprise to her kids and the little boy immediately responds with a "What?"

Image Source: Reddit | u/JustACaliBoy
Image Source: Instagram | @__martistry_ 

There is confusion, excitement, happiness and a mix of several other emotions on his face, he starts sobbing immediately while exchanging a look into the backseat where his sibling is. His siblings start joyfully screaming from the backset as well and the little boy takes off his baseball cap and sobs even harder while hiding his face in his t-shirt. People on Reddit shared their similar stories of getting a new home as well as applauded the mother who has managed a permanent shelter for her kids.

u/Mello_artistry wrote: "I love the love you can feel between these two. My Mom did this for my brother and I one Christmas. She was a single mom and we moved a lot from one rental to the other for my entire childhood. She framed a picture of the house she bought and gave it to us, wrapped it with a bow. It was the best Christmas ever. I'll never forget it." u/Heythere23856 commented, "Absolutely everyone on this earth deserves a safe and secure home and a fridge full of food and we should not settle for anything less. We, as a society, need to choose where our money goes and consciously build a society that supports this."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Nib2319
Image Source: Reddit | u/Nib2319
Image Source: Reddit | u/PoisonousNudibranch
Image Source: Reddit | u/PoisonousNudibranch

u/Grassblade619 shared, "I spent a good portion of my life living in trap houses/communes/apartment complexes with 4+ roommates. When I finally escaped poverty, I saved like mad for 8 years to buy my own house because I was so incredibly sick of living with other humans. I bought my own house two years ago and I will never forget sitting on my living room floor and crying because I was finally out." u/17934658793495046509 added, "I lived in some bad places when I was a kid, it's hard for people to understand the constant fear and anxiety kids have living in dangerous areas. I am projecting a little here, of course, but as a kid, surprise moving out of those bad places, I would have had a similar reaction."

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