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Mom supports and defends daughter's choice to wear what she wants for her homecoming dance

A mother defended her daughter's dress against comments that asked her to not let her daughter wear it since it was apparently too revealing.

Mom supports and defends daughter's choice to wear what she wants for her homecoming dance
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @amyjackson9213

Raising a daughter can be a lot of work and may seem intimidating to many. However, a strong bond between the daughter and parents makes it easier. If parents allow their children to make their own informed choices at an early age, it sets them on the right path to adulthood. Amy Jackson—who goes on TikTok by @amyjackson9213—posted a video, responding to a comment made by another woman, which stated how the homecoming dress her daughter wore was "too revealing" and resembled "bedroom attire."

Image Source: TikTok | @amyjackson9213
Image Source: TikTok | @amyjackson9213

Jackson took a stance and defended the choice of her daughter to wear what she wanted. She explained how the dresses they wore in their time were much different than those being worn today. She said, "You have to understand that this new style nowadays is not the style that we used to have back in our day. The homecoming dresses are all either low cut or they have big slits in them or they are very short. They are totally different. Absolutely totally different than anything we wore back in our day."

Image Source: TikTok | @amyjackson9213
Image Source: TikTok | @amyjackson9213

She went on to talk about why she wouldn't ask her daughter to not wear something that she clearly wants to. "They are beautiful. I mean they are gorgeous, pretty. I won't stop her from wearing something that she wants to wear that fits in with the rest of her peer group. They all wear little short dresses. They are cute." she adds. She simply doesn't see the point of singling out her own daughter in her peer group.

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In a video Amy posted on her Instagram, her daughter can be seen getting ready for her prom and she looks absolutely stunning. In her TikTok, she also urges people to be respectful of the choices she makes for her daughter, "I respect it if like you would not wear something like that or don't like it or wouldn't let your daughter wear it. But I also ask that you respect me as her mother. I've bought this dress for her, so obviously I'm okay with it and I'm going to let her wear it." She added, "She picked it out, we searched for this dress for months. She loves it. She's happy, I'm happy."

Image Source: Instagram | amyjojackson9213
Image Source: Instagram | @amyjojackson9213

Another mother who goes by the username of @mamabelte on TikTok chimed in supporting Amy by saying, "Omg my daughter is obsessed with that red one but in blue. We have 2 weeks left to find. I told her volleyball shorts underneath and I'm ok with it." Another user @countrymommaofboys42 applauded her parenting skills and said: "Thank you!! My mom MADE me wear this dress with a coat that looked like a MooMoo a grandma would wear to a wedding. It was either that or I didn’t go."

Amy concluded by saying, "I'm gonna support her and she's gonna wear it and she's gonna look beautiful in it. At the end of the day, I am her mom. And I don't care if anybody likes it or if anybody has something to say because this has nothing to do with you. The only person it has to do with is me and her. And I approve, so."

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