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Mom stands up for daughter after school tells her to 'cover up' the cheerleading uniform

A mother is flabbergasted after knowing that her daughter was asked to 'put pants on' to prevent boys from getting distracted.

Mom stands up for daughter after school tells her to 'cover up' the cheerleading uniform
Image Source: YouTube | WNEM TV5

No matter how much the world pushes towards equality, time and again, the double standards that women face in public places become evidently clear. This time, it was at a school, where young cheerleaders were told to change their dresses because they would "distract the boys" while at the same time, the said gender was given the luxury to roam around any way they wanted to, as per WNEM TV5. Amanda Alburg, the mother of one of the cheerleaders, protested it. She did not want her daughter to be subjected to such an attitude while growing up. It would teach her to mold herself as per the comfort of the male gender, which was unacceptable to Alburg.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

Alburg's daughter is a varsity cheerleader who attends Pinconning High School. On game day, she arrived on the premises donning the cheerleading uniform and was asked to put pants on underneath her skirt. After the girl relayed this to Alburg, she was initially confused. The uniform was good enough for the game but not to be worn on the premises. She connected with the authorities. "I called the school office and I was told that they are to wear pants under their uniforms at all times. It is a distraction to the boys," Alburg said. This response both flabbergasted and shocked the mother. They were controlling her daughter's outfit instead of monitoring their male students.

"I don't feel that should be a distraction to the boys. Girls have been wearing cheer uniforms issued by the school on game days to school since I was in high school. Never had to wear pants under it," Alburg said. Moreover, the girl did not just walk into the premises donning the cheerleading uniform of her own volition. She was doing so after being instructed by her coach. The authorities rejected Alburg's claims. Superintendent Andy Kowalczyk, in an email to TV5, clarified that the reasoning "distraction to male students" was not used in the meeting with the cheerleaders. In a statement, he shared that the policy was not specifically directed at girls. He stated, "Athletic uniforms may not meet school dress code requirements. This is the case for the length of the cheerleading skirts. PHS would not allow students from any sports team to wear uniforms to school that do not meet those requirements."

Alburg retorted, saying she talked to a woman and the exact reasoning was used in the conversation. "I know who I talked to at the school had told me it was a distraction to boys. That is what I was told personally. If they didn't say it to the girls, I'm not sure. My daughter didn't say that she was told that. But she was told, 'Put pants on,'" Alburg said. On February 12, a school board meeting was organized to discuss this misogynistic policy. Alburg attended it to provide her viewpoint. "If they can wear their uniforms that are issued by the school to games and it's appropriate, it should be appropriate for school also," she said.


Alburg was supported by other parents, who also believed the dress code policies to be misogynistic. "My daughter can't wear a sports bra to practice because it's inappropriate, but the gentlemen…I can be out at that soccer field or on the basketball court and football field and they have their shirts off. And that is a double standard and it's a violation of our girls' civil rights," one mother said at the school board meeting. The school authorities noted all their concerns and promised to change their dress code policies. But, it is a time-consuming process. "It's this whole process. Sometimes we have to work with lawyers and that's a process of its own. We got to work with the ISD. It's not that we can just snap our fingers and go through it, but the board needs to do its due diligence," school board trustee Mark Coutcher said.

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