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Mom single parenting 6 kids gifted a car perfectly restored by high school students

Louisa County High School students lifted a huge weight off the shoulders of a single mom in Virginia by fixing up a car and gifting it to her.

Mom single parenting 6 kids gifted a car perfectly restored by high school students
Cover Image Source: YouTube | NBC29 News - WVIR Charlottesville

Single moms go through a huge deal of hassles in their daily life balancing work and children. When society recognizes their struggle and lends them a helping hand to make their life a little easier, it restores their faith in humanity. WVIR has identified one such wholesome incident in Virginia, USA where a single mom named Michelle Mendez got the much-needed gift - a car that was fixed up by the Louisa County high school students who were working on the automotive tech project for a year. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The initiative to help Michelle with a car was the idea of a charity organization, Giving Words. This organization focuses on helping single moms by offering them refurbished cars and unpaid vehicle repair services. Their welfare services are driven by their partnerships with various automotive service organizations and other sponsors. In the case of Michelle, Giving Words teamed up with Rappahannock Electric Cooperatives whose representative, Casey Hollins said, "I was also a single mom, so I can completely relate to what this mom’s needs are, and it’s a really moving experience," This company offered $10,200 to Giving Words in order to help Michelle get her own car. The high school kids worked for a whole year to fix up this car, which moved Michelle greatly. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring


The students' surprise turned out to be an emotional moment for Michelle. When speaking to WVIR about this gift, she said, "They’ve really been helping me to get this car. It’s just been hard," and added, "I really appreciate everything to make this happen." She felt so grateful towards everyone who helped lift a massive weight off her shoulders. "To be able to take the kids when they need to go and be able to get back and forth to work so I can do things that I need to do," she said, expressing her relief in getting this invaluable help. Being a single mom to six kids is not easy and now, the combined effort of Giving Words, Rappahannock Electric Cooperatives and the Louisa County high school students has changed her life for the better.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Giving Words was founded by Eddie Brown and his wife with the mission of giving hope to single mothers and their children. On helping Michelle Mendez, Eddie Brown said, "The component that I look at is just the hope, and just seeing that in her eyes as she received this car and just the excitement, and what it means for our boys, too," He shared a heartwarming moment with Michelle Mendez, hugging her while she was in tears after receiving the car. The single mother wants everyone who helped her to feel happy about what they've done. She reassured that their selfless work has reached someone who really needs and appreciates it.


Michelle is just one of the many single mothers who have benefitted from the collective endeavor of people's good deeds. There are still thousands of single mothers out there looking for a tiny ray of hope and optimism in the form of financial or even emotional support. Michelle found her magic beans through this incident that would alter the everyday dynamics of her life and help her navigate work and life commitments much better than before. 

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