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Mom shares why men are unable to find anything by showing her son's example: 'It's right there'

It is a well-known fact that men have the inability to find things and this mom gives the perfect example to explain why.

Mom shares why men are unable to find anything by showing her son's example: 'It's right there'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @anniemichelle123

If you are in a relationship with a man, it is an everyday affair where you hear from them that they can not find a certain thing and want it urgently. Within a few minutes, the partner is easily able to locate it and hand it over to the man. Though there are no exact reasons why it keeps happening, a mom on TikTok might have a few answers.

Image Source: TikTok | @anniemichelle123
Image Source: TikTok | @anniemichelle123

A wife and mom of two kids, Annie—who goes by @anniemichelle123 on TikTok—shows in her video that it is a trait that men have since they are born. She asks her 3-year-old son to pick up his jacket, which is right in front of him on a chair and the kid keeps walking around, unable to trace it. The video caption reads, "He is his father's son…" which is spot on. In the 40-second video, the mom is pointing at the jacket and her son Hank, instead of looking at her, walks around aimlessly. The mother keeps repeating, "It's on the chair. It's right there. Look at my hand. It's right there," but Hank looks on the steps, in the kitchen, everywhere but the chair.

Image Source: TikTok | @anniemichelle123
Image Source: TikTok | @anniemichelle123

Unable to find it, he says out of frustration, "There are a lot of chairs!" However, towards the end of the video, Hank finally finds the jacket and hands it over to his mom and she says, "There you go." The child looks relieved, but the best part of the video is how the mother patiently keeps trying to help out her son. She does not give up on him or scold him for not being able to find the jacket. It sure is a positive environment–a perfect place for the child to keep learning and thrive positively.

Image Source: TIkTok | @anniemichelle123
Image Source: TIkTok | @mzrettawilliams

The video went viral, garnering over 17 million views, which proves that people on social media found it relatable. @bossladyclearninghacks shared, "My son is 13 and it's still going about like this. Except, I've stopped laughing." @figtic0us joked, "This is the only 3-year-old named Hank. All the rest are at least 45 with 2 divorces." @mgo8455 expressed, "The way he made direct eye contact with the jacket and was like, Nah, that's not it." @fun_in_dysfunction29 expressed, "I've always said raising someone's future husband is exhausting. Sorry, future daughter-in-law, we tried." @sorryidelady said, "Mine used to do this. Someone told me I was teaching him not to listen by repeating it too much. Have them repeat what you say back instead."

According to an expert, this is genetic. Dr. Ricky Arenson, M.D., a health and relationship expert who is the author of the book, "Women Are Superior to Men," says that men manage their thoughts differently from women. He adds that as they evolved to be protectors and hunters, they approach things in a single-minded fashion, reports Motherly. Even though this might be true, men still need to be a bit more mindful about their belongings. Anyhow, wives or girlfriends are always there to give a helping hand.

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