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Mom shares video of son putting on a brave face in hospital and serving hilarious dad jokes

A little boy who has sustained head trauma lies on the hospital bed and cracks some funny jokes to make his mom laugh.

Mom shares video of son putting on a brave face in hospital and serving hilarious dad jokes
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @phillybee12

It gets hard for parents to see their kids getting hurt or injured anyway. Philly (@phillybee12 on TikTok) is a mom who had to see her son lying on the hospital bed, bandages wrapped around his head. But the kid knew how to put a brave face on for his mom as he began delivering some dad jokes even though he looked a bit scared about the whole thing. The boy had unfortunately suffered from a hemiplegic migraine after getting a head trauma, meaning he had an internal haemorrhage in his brain and it mimicked the effects of having a stroke.

Image Source: TikTok | @phillybee12
Image Source: TikTok | @phillybee12

But the brave kid continued to crack jokes to assure his mom and the nurse that he would be alright even though he was lying in the ICU while he was getting his electroencephalogram or EEG done. "Just making conversations with the nurse and being a jokester," the overlay text on the video read. "So you have any children?" the little boy questions the nurse. "I do," the nurse responds. "One is 13 years old and two stepkids who are 6 and 8." Then he asks his mother if she has a step or not. His mom says "No."

Then he drowsily goes on to ask his mom if she has a stepson, stepfather, stepmother or a step-human and when his mother says "no" for an answer to all his questions, the kid wonders where her steps are. "Not everybody has steps," his mother explains. "Because I guess Grandpa did not marry somebody else besides Grandma." "I guess you did not buy any two-story house then," the little boy jokes. His mother chortles a bit and conveys that she can't figure out if the boy is joking or being serious but she thinks it's okay. "I can't tell if you are really smiling because you are happy or you are just smiling to make me feel better," he wonders and his mother cracks up at it. 

Image Source: TikTok | @phillybee12
Image Source: TikTok | @phillybee12

The TikTok community was surprised by his witty remarks and hoped and prayed for him to get well soon as well. @jennysleal wrote: "He just told you I’m doing this to make you feel better, sweet boy. I am praying for health and happiness!" @mysticalglo commented: "He's a sweetie and a joker and I hope he has a full and speedy recovery." @thomasfowler8673 quipped: "The reason I went into nursing. Is because of nurses who took care of me like this." @losername69420 recalled: "Those sleep-deprived EEGs are the worst! I remember staying in the hospital for days and if I slept too long someone would come shake me awake."

Image Source: TikTok | @josh.olive1227
Image Source: TikTok | @josh.olive1227

@taylorpltm added: "I had to do a 24hr and 48hr EEG— they’re not fun at times but I’m glad that he’s going through it with humor! I’ll be praying for him and hoping all." The mom also made a few follow-up videos of her boy in the hospital. In one video, the mom recorded the boy finally sleeping in peace after nights and days of staying awake during the procedure. In a second video, the little comedian can be seen back on the hospital bed cracking some more jokes as the nurses continue doing their job of dressing up his head. The TikTok community collectively wished for the boy's speedy recovery from the head trauma he suffered from.

You can follow Philly (@phillybee12) on TikTok for more family videos.

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