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Mom shares twin toddlers’ heartwarming reunion after being apart for a day: 'The purest love'

She shared that seeing the love and adoration her twins have for each other, makes her day every time she watches the video.

Mom shares twin toddlers’ heartwarming reunion after being apart for a day: 'The purest love'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@thattwinmama_

Life can be a lonely affair. Sometimes all a person needs is genuine support and understanding without any reasoning. Nobody can do this better than family. This bond can be especially strong between siblings who are closer in age. This is because they are more likely to face the same circumstances in life. Having someone to go through life, holding their hands, gives a sense of security like no other. This is abundantly clear in a video shared on Instagram by Lauren Berty (@thattwinmama_) where twin toddlers display a profound understanding of the value associated with their bond.

Image Source: Instagram/@thattwinmama_
Image Source: Instagram|@thattwinmama_

The video begins by showing the twins embracing each other in a pram. The mother provides context to their embrace through text overlays in the video. She first mentions how the tins had been separated for a whole day for the first time in their lives. Having entered the world at the same time the twins have gone through everything in their short lives with each other. Therefore, being apart took a toll on both of them, which is evident by how emotional both of them were upon seeing each other.

Image Source: Instagram/@thattwinmama_
Image Source: Instagram|@thattwinmama_

The video clearly shows the different personalities of the twins. One of the twins is expressive while the other has more of a supportive personality. One of the twins appears to be crying while the other pats her on the back, consoling her. Their show of love makes their mother write, "And for sure it's safe to say, that they missed each other."

According to Berty's post caption, the video was filmed over a year ago. "A couple days ago, I was having a really tough day (like a cry in the car kind of day) with the girls and this popped back up on my phone. Needless to say, I needed this reminder," she wrote.

The video aided her in collecting herself and remembering that her parenting struggles are worth it. Seeing her children so in love, she understood that all her hard work was going towards making a loving atmosphere for her family where they could thrive. The affection she witnessed her twins showing, made her realize that this is what she needs to protect and keep striving for to protect. "I imagine there is nothing more special than walking through life with a twin... but a close second is getting to be their parent and I feel so blessed to be their mama," she wrote. "It’s what I was made for."

Image Source: Instagram/@evolsteve
Image Source: Instagram|@evolsteve


Image Source: Instagram/@danawoodb
Image Source: Instagram|@danawoodb

The comment section of the post was in love with seeing the twins and their affection towards each other. @roruby shared her own experience with her twins, writing: "So sweet. My 3-year-old twin boys fight like WWE wrestlers but when you ask them who their best friend is, they always say their brother’s name." @katieablanyamaya completely understood the mother's point, commenting: "All the twin moms bawling their eyes out. It’s hard but so worth it."

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