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Mom shares the thoughtful message her drunk daughter's sober friend left after dropping her home

The daughter walks in with her friend and says on the front door security camera, 'Hey Mommy, I’m so sorry.'

Mom shares the thoughtful message her drunk daughter's sober friend left after dropping her home
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 24, 2023. It has since been updated.

Having a trustworthy friend whom one can rely on makes life much easier. They are ready to help out in any given situation and are always a call or text away. A mother shared a video of how her daughter was dropped home by one of her friends after she got inebriated and the thoughtful message her friend left on the family's front door security camera.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

The Reddit video posted by u/mindyour starts with the text overlay: “My daughter getting dropped off after a party.” The daughter walks up to the entrance with her friend and says on the front door security camera, “Hey Mommy, I’m so sorry.” Meanwhile, her friend is seen holding the door for her so that she can go inside. Once she is safely inside the house, he says on the camera, “Hi, my name is Ronnie, I’m sober. I drove her home. My girlfriend is in the car,” and waves goodbye before leaving. The video gained more than 93k upvotes on Reddit. It is captioned, “Designated driver making sure she gets home safe.”

Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour

Many people were impressed by what Ronnie did. u/sauerkraut916 commented, “Designated drivers are unsung heroes. That ‘duddy’ friend that won’t do shots because they’re the driver - so much respect. You never know what might have happened if your drunk self was left alone in some dark bar... and if tried to drive yourself home. Excellent dude right here.” u/NotTrynaMakeWaves wrote, “Ronnie has the air of someone who’s seen too much and knows too much.” u/BrownieEdges expressed, “Ronnie for the win!”

u/mindyour said, “I love everything about this video. He should be protected at all costs. It's the fact that he got out of the car, walked her to the door, closed the door behind her, introduced himself and let her mum know he's got a girlfriend.” u/Skimple2772 shared, “He definitely sounds like that girl and his girl called him in the middle of the night. He knows he doing the right thing but wants to get back home so bad.”

Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/ u/mycatisdoingmyheading



Talking about friendships, a TikTok page, @doseofsociety, asked men to share with their male friends how much they loved them and their responses are truly heartwarming. In one of the videos, the host asks a man if he tells his friends how much he loves them and he says, “Everyday.” He then calls one of his friends and does that. He calls and says, “Well, I just wanted to call up and tell you I love you, bro. I'm proud of you." His friend responds, "Aw, what the hell. Thank you so much. That is so so incredibly kind." 

Image Source: TikTok/ @doseofsociety
Image Source: TikTok/ @doseofsociety

He then tells the host that it was his friend Bartek and he has known him since secondary school and they've been friends for 10 years now. When asked how was the experience, he said, "It would definitely mean a lot but that's standard for us. We do that all the time." The video concludes with him saying, "I think it's so important to just, like look I'm proud of you. I love what you're doing. I love you. You're such a help in my life or you've helped me experience life in such a way. It's a great way. I think it's so important to share those moments with, like your bros.”

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