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Mom shares the powerful conversation she has with her child to deal with separation anxiety

She explained how she gives her child the confidence to deal with uncharted territories whenever she needs to be away from him.

Mom shares the powerful conversation she has with her child to deal with separation anxiety
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @abbeywedgeworth

Reaching a milestone is hard but an essential aspect of life. Even though the change these milestones bring is scary, people need to go through them to pave the way for success. Therefore, even if it feels brutal, every parent pushes their children to get outside their comfort zone. This pursuit is the most difficult to achieve when they are in their formative years. Abbey Wedgeworth–who goes by @abbeywedgeworth on Instagram–has come up with a way to make these separations a little bit easier on both parties. She shared with her followers the conversation she has with her son while sending him off to the nursery. The affirmation she incorporates in her dialogue ensures that the child feels confident entering unknown territories.

Image Source: Instagram/@abbeywedgeworth
Image Source: Instagram | @abbeywedgeworth

The mother begins the video by saying, "I just dropped off my almost-three-year-old in the nursery and he's screaming and having such a hard time." She added more context regarding the situation in the caption, "My child was not screaming when I left, he was screaming before this speech. When I left, he was calm." In the video, Wedgeworth explains that whenever she finds herself in such a predicament, she has a speech that she uses to calm the situation for both parties. The speech is created on the foundation of the trust children have in their parents. She explains: "I say, ‘Mommy would never leave you somewhere you weren't...' and they say, 'Safe.' And then I say, 'And I would never leave you somewhere where you couldn't have...' and he says, 'Fun.'"

Image Source: Instagram/@abbeywedgeworth
Image Source: Instagram | @abbeywedgeworth

This speech assures the children that the place they are entering is for their own benefit. There is no way that their parent will push them into a space that will not help them grow. The mother explains, "So I say, 'You are safe, and you can choose to have fun. I'm going to leave now, but I would never leave you somewhere you weren't safe or couldn't have fun. So you choose to have fun and I can't wait to hear about all the fun you had' and then I hand them to a worker and I walk out." 

Image Source: Instagram/@maggie_combs
Image Source: Instagram | @maggie_combs

The mother also revealed another thing she tells her child in her caption: "God is always with you, even if mommy is not." This message is apt not only in this situation but also in others. Unfortunately, it is not plausible for parents to be everywhere with their children. In scenarios where they find themselves alone, this dialogue teaches them to trust God and their parents' teachings. 

Image Source: Instagram/@morganpeitzman
Image Source: Instagram | @morganpeitzman

The comment section shared their opinion about the dialogue. @ashleydgodfrey was in complete agreement with this method and wrote, "I love this so much! When we have had babies in the nursery at church we say, “You are safe, you are loved and mama always comes back.” explained how this is an efficient method while dealing with separation anxiety, "I love this! As someone who has worked in the church nursery for more than 15 years, this is so helpful. I have often told upset children this too, and it does help!!"

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