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Mom shares the most important part of the self-care and healing journey: 'No one way to do it'

With many experts suggesting how to go about one's healing process, it gets difficult to point out the right path.

Mom shares the most important part of the self-care and healing journey: 'No one way to do it'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g

Self-care is widely advocated by many experts, coaches and eminent personalities. While their opinions differ and presumably work well for them, it’s different for each individual. Undoubtedly experts share theories to guide, which often help in the long run. However, there are so many theories on how to heal and boost the self-care journey that one can rely on. Michelle Jones—who goes by @michellejones.g on Instagram—shared her experience with the healing journey and revealed that it’s not always necessary to stick to experts and their theories. In her Instagram video, she shared that the most important aspect of the pathway to self-care is the person itself.

Image Source: Instagram| @michellejones.g
Image Source: Instagram| @michellejones.g

The mom who speaks about motherhood, self-care, self-love, confidence and several topics using her social presence dedicated this video to explaining that self-care begins with you before all the professional guidance and tricks. With text overlay in her video, Jones explained, “Something I’ve learned in my healing journey is that there are so many ‘experts’ telling you that in order to heal and release, you need to do so many things.”

The mom then pointed out several techniques suggested by professionals, like singing, dancing, journaling, going for a walk and so on. While revealing further, Jones said, “The truth is, there is no one way to do it. There is only your way. Once you figure out what that is, your healing journey begins.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Polina Tankilevitch
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Polina Tankilevitch

While Jones is not shunning the theories and practices suggested by experts, she’s stressing the need to understand and find out what works best for oneself. What is suggested may not often be the best option and that’s okay. As her video mentions, there is only your way and that is what will truly keep you consistent and determined to carry your journey forward.

Elaborating more in her caption, Jones shared her experiences with trying several self-care methods. She expressed, “Does all of this help? Probably. I’ve tried many many things and there are things that have stuck and others that didn’t.” She also shared how each person is different and each experience is authentic because one’s idea of self-care and healing would be different too.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

“We tend to forget that we are all bio individuals, which means that we are not one size fits all and what works for someone might not work for us and vice versa,” Jones beautifully explained. She stressed the need to pick what works best for oneself from the many things others offer. She then revealed that the self-care journey keeps changing and so will the methods.

“Know that your process may vary. Sometimes you might need ‘x and y’ and other times you’ll just need ‘x’ or ‘y,” she said. Jones also mentioned that the whole journey of healing and self-care is not always crystal clear, as it evolves and takes time to track. The mom added to her opinion by encouraging others to trust themselves. She also stressed the need to give the healing process time. “Be patient with yourself but most importantly with your journey for it is filled with surprises,” she concluded.

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