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Mom shares the moment her 5-year-old son met his teacher crush: 'She looks like a barbie'

She recounted a touching interaction involving her 5-year-old son and his adoration for one of his beloved teachers.

Mom shares the moment her 5-year-old son met his teacher crush: 'She looks like a barbie'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @theblackmanfamilyofficial

Being a parent brings several experiences with a plethora of emotions. Children do little things that touch our hearts and account for one of the most emotional and unique moments of our lives. A similar incident was shared by Jeraldine Blackman—who goes by @theblackmanfamilyofficial on Instagram—where she shared a touching meeting of her son with one of his favorite teachers.

Image Source: Instagram/@theblackmanfamilyofficial
Image Source: Instagram | @theblackmanfamilyofficial

In an earlier video, Mrs. Blackman had posted about how her 5-year-old son was head over heels for his teacher Mrs.Kroon. The video began with her son Nimo asking, “How come most of the girls are so pretty?” Shocked about the question coming from her Kindergarten kid, she laughed a little before her son continued to ask, “Mama when I grow up can I be in Mrs. Kroon’s class?” On inquiring why, Nimo went on to explain that Mrs. Kroon is very pretty and “looks like a Barbie.” Blackman realized that her son had a crush on Mrs. Kroon and had to share the hilariously adorable incident with her viewers.

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Meanwhile, commenters were going crazy to figure out who Mrs. Kroon was. @Bling_house_Fabrics commented, “Please we want to see a picture of Mrs. Kroon as soon as possible.” Another user, @yonatha_hovara said, “So curious about Mrs. Kroon!” Revealing Mrs. Kroon had become a public discussion. Everyone wanted to know who Nimo’s crush was and what she looked like after he described a “Barbie doll.”

It’s beautiful how children learn to look up to people and also develop a liking towards them through simple ways. For Blackman, it was a delightful experience to notice her son finding one of the teachers pretty. However, the story doesn’t end here. Surprisingly, Blackman posted another video where she mentioned that the pretty Mrs. Kroon had come across the video and even commented on the same. What followed next was truly mesmerizing.

Image Source:
Image Source: Instagram | @theblackmanfamilyofficial

The video further captured how Mrs. Kroon came to meet Nimo at the school. She proceeded to give him a tight hug and it was all adorable! Furthermore, she took a picture with Nimo where the little guy was awestruck and shy yet gleaming. Blackman went on to say that Mrs. Kroon is one of the top 5 finalists in Mrs. South Africa. It was all smiles till Nimo complained, “You forgot to brush my hair!” Blackman in extreme awe of the situation couldn’t help but believe that her 5-year-old got to meet the pretty woman he was crushing over. She went on to say, “That’s my 5-year-old son.”

Image Source: Instagram | @theblackmanfamilyofficial

The video received several views, likes and comments flooded for Mrs. Kroon. @kimmydolls_lashlab said, “I completely get him. Mrs. Kroon is beautiful!” @kevineteo said, “Little bro has great taste.” Several others commented on the injustice done to Nimo for not having brushed his hair. @asangba_jenny commented, “You forgot to brush his hair. Man needs to look his best.” Nimo’s experience was truly adorable. Mrs. Kroon will hold that feeling for a lifetime. As for Mrs. Blackman, she’s got a beautiful memory to bring up for years to come! It is these little moments that add flavor to the parenting life!

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A post shared by Jeraldine Blackman (@theblackmanfamilyofficial)


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