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Woman shares how 'toddler math' is making her contemplate all 'life decisions' as a parent

Mother shares her trials and tribulations with 'toddler math' and how ridiculous it is to attach rhyme or reason to this experience.

Woman shares how 'toddler math' is making her contemplate all 'life decisions' as a parent
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @_phiji

Toddlers are a constant source of entertainment and anxiety. They always keep their parents on their toes and anyone who tries to attach reason to them is a downright fool, according to a viral video by Toddler mom Phiji. The mother—who goes by @_phiji on TikTok—explains the concept of "toddler math," which is the experience of being a parent to these tiny tots. She explains the unpredictability and suffering of this "toddler math." They eat as per their wishes, they wake up as per their wishes and all parents can do is dance to their tunes.

Image Source: TikTok/@_phiji
Image Source: TikTok | @_phiji

The mother shared how this "toddler math" makes her contemplate "life decisions" because of its sheer ridiculousness. She shares how toddlers always keep their parents on their toes. They might think everything is calm and there is no storm on the horizon when suddenly the toddlers will brew it up. Parents can never be free. She shows through her example as she says, "I just sat down! I was sitting next to you for 30 minutes! You didn't want anything to do with me!" when her son comes crying to her for some "mom-time." The mother was sitting idle for 30 minutes and her son ignored her, but the moment her attention diverted, hell broke loose.

Image Source: TikTok/@_phiji
Image Source: TikTok | @_phiji

Her next topic of discussion was teaching skills. The mother adds, "Toddler math is telling someone your toddler is potty trained and now they're no longer trained. They don't know what a potty is! They don't remember anything." It implies parents can teach their babies a skill, but whether they will remember or apply it is completely up to them. She goes on to share more instances of their torment, "If your toddler wants a banana, but you open that banana, they no longer want the banana, but if you eat that banana now, they don't understand why you're eating it and now they're crying cuz it's gone."

For toddlers, "math will never be mathing." The mother elucidates how the only time they will stick to a schedule when it will be to irritate their parents, "If your toddler misses a nap, you decide to put them to bed early because they miss said nap. They can wake up in the middle of the night. If for some toddler reason, they go to sleep past their bedtime, he's still going to hit you with their early bird special."


In a follow-up video, the mother shares more gems with the viewers. She explains how toddlers eat what they want, when they want and parents have no choice but to comply. The parents might buy them the best of toys, but ultimately it will be the box that will matter. The fact of the matter is parents can never win and just roll with it instead of "mathing."

Image Source: TikTok/@shel_allsmiles
Image Source: TikTok | @shel_allsmiles
Image Source: TikTok/@queensharae1
Image Source: TikTok | @queensharae1

The comment section was in splits with the tirade and shared their own hilarious experience. @lindseysmall2 discussed her toddler math and wrote, "If they ask for something and you're not in the room, therefore didn't hear and walk unto said room without it. War." @ricaijswhittick shared how babies will attach their meaning to the toys and commented, "My then toddler played with the Barbie car box for 2 weeks before even riding in the car. Said it was her castle, but she also had a castle."

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