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Mom shares how her son healed her inner child with his thoughtful gesture for his little sister

The little girl was inconsolable and weeping bitterly until her big brother did the most simple yet priceless thing and it worked for her.

Mom shares how her son healed her inner child with his thoughtful gesture for his little sister
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @dramberthornton

One of the best things about having children is that they help parents heal their inner child with their wholesome gestures. It means the most to parents when they watch their kids grow with everything they never had and become individuals who are loved and secure. Dr. Amber Thornton shared a heart-melting clip, revealing that her older son helped heal her inner child with his adorable gesture for his younger sister. He didn’t do much, just simply stood by his toddler sister’s side and that worked, avoiding what would otherwise have been a full-blown meltdown.

Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton
Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton

Thornton was washing her daughter’s hair and the girl was extremely worked up. Many children detest water and bathing and even though the mom calmly spoke to her to help her relax, it was all in vain. The girl’s older brother then came into the picture and noticed his sister sobbing bitterly while her hair was being washed. While he couldn’t do much, he simply looked at her and immediately after a few seconds, he very gently held her hand. As soon as he held her hand, the girl became calm and eventually quietened down.

Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton
Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton

Having her older brother stand by her side and be with her throughout holding her hand and letting her know he’s right there was all the girl needed. Thornton was moved by her son’s empathy. She shared a tear-jerking caption explaining that her son’s spontaneous gesture was what she always needed as a child herself. “Moments like this between my kids heal something in me that desperately needed someone to look out for me as a young girl,” the mom said. She recalled being an older sister and said that it was hard to always be the stronger one. “As I’ve grown and become a mother, it’s just started to hit me how hard it was,” she said.


Throughout her tough phases, she ensured she was there for her brother. “I was a great role model for my younger sibling, was extremely responsible, always looked out for everyone…but if I’m honest, there were a lot of moments when I needed a lot more of that for me too,” the mom confessed. She added that watching her son be the best older brother to his sister was one of the most wholesome and healing things for her. “At the same time, I’m trying to be so intentional to make sure my big boy never feels like he has to carry or hold too much,” Thornton pointed out. People were touched by the boy’s simple yet invaluable empathy. @ronejae said, “Solid job brother.”

Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton
Image Source: Instagram|@dramberthornton

@redhead_ remarked, “The way she instantly got calmer when he held her hand.” @dr_ayanna_a said, “Not me turning into a puddle when she realized it's her person next to her and she's not alone.” @hikingjabi pointed out, “It’s her breath returning when he took her hand.”@calculatedopulence said, “We all just want to feel like we aren’t alone in this world.” @ivebeenthatgirltoo said, “This touched me. I used to cry down when getting my hair washed too. I was made fun of instead by my mom and sisters for crying. The fact that he comforted her without being told to show what kind of loving mother you are. This healed my inner child a bit too.”

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