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Mom shares how her daughter’s football team humbled a group of arrogant competitors: “We did not stop”

The woman named Shireen Ahmed shared the story of how a group of girls hailing from Muslim and Black communities outplayed their opponents.

Mom shares how her daughter’s football team humbled a group of arrogant competitors: “We did not stop”
Twitter/ Shireen Ahmed

Football is a team sport, and in order to win, all of the players must work well together and play as a unit. And, as famously stated by Bill Belichick, “On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.” However, recently, a sports writer revealed on Twitter how her 20-year-old daughter, who plays for an amateur football club comprised of black or brown Muslim women, most of whom wear hijabs, thrashed their cocky opponents and proved their preconceptions incorrect, reported The Indian Express




Because the athletes don't appear very "professional," rival teams frequently have misconceptions about them, according to Shireen Ahmed. Her daughter's team, on the other hand, has been breaking preconceptions, as she shared an unusual story from their match.

Her 20-year-old daughter has been playing football for 15 years, she revealed. She joined a team of dear friends to play six-a-side football for an indoor season. She stated that all of her friends played competitive soccer, and that some wore hijab while others did not. She stated that they are at the top of their category and range in age from 20 to 27.Ahmed described how she went to see them play last night but heard the other set of fans laughing. “This will be easy…” I heard them say. I stayed quiet. Yes, shocking. I knew,” she wrote. The game began, and the team began moving the ball around swiftly and continuously. They scored first, and the other team attempted to cover, but it is difficult to defend against excellent passing, she explained. The other team subsequently tied the game at 1-1.



However, at halftime, we were up 4-1, and the other team became increasingly agitated and aggressive. After the fifth goal, the other side became agitated, and their behavior deteriorated into pushing and shoving. “I heard one of the other teams’ players say “What the hell is happening? We should be creaming them!” she said in another tweet. “And there it is. Our team had very skilled, very well-trained players. All of whom don’t fit the mold of what a player looks like. My daughter was happy (despite letting a goal in) and her energy was affecting her opponents. Their faces were so mad and I know that look. It’s the look you get when you destroy people with entitlement and with assumptions."



The game finished 6-1 in their favor, but not before there was highly violent behavior and no calls were made by the ref. She said that their team does not rely on bulldozing, but they do not back down. "It's hard to lose to oppressed women, you know!" one of the hijabi Moms exclaimed as she concluded the story. The thread has received over 19,000 likes since it was posted on Twitter. A person commented saying, "Congratulations to this group of outstanding and talented women not only for their win, but for their grace. They should not have to deal with that with grown-a$$ adults, but hopefully, they taught the other team a lesson in tact and sportsmanship." Another penned, "Best thread by far! I’m not a fighter but that blondy made me mad! I’m glad your daughter is okay, and can clearly see through your videos they are a good team! Also, love the way they came out on top without having to stoop to their level! I am sorry it was even a thing!"

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