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Mom shares hilarious imitation of her 3-year-old and it's an accurate portrayal of every toddler

Handling a toddler's mischief is not something everyone is cut out for. It's real and takes energy and Lindsey Gurk perfectly shows how.

Mom shares hilarious imitation of her 3-year-old and it's an accurate portrayal of every toddler
Cover Image Source: TikTok| @lindseygurk

Toddlers have hilarious tricks up their sleeves and often leave parents either shocked or on the floor laughing. Right from fooling parents to schooling them, toddlers are known for their unique and adorable behaviors that no one can ever imagine. Meeting a toddler is a tasteful experience, but boy, one has got to have the patience and the energy; they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. TikTok mom Lindsey Gurk (@lindseygurk) shared a hilarious presentation of how her 3-year-old behaves at home and it has everyone giggling in awe. She captured her toddler in a nutshell through her video.

Image Source: TikTok| @lindseygurk
Image Source: TikTok| @lindseygurk

“Things my 3-year-old does,” Gurk wrote as she pretended to be the toddler and spilled the beans on the hilarious moments she experienced with her child. First, she shared a glimpse of what it looks like to dress a toddler. On asking her kid to dress up nicely, Gurk revealed how moody kids can get. “I dood it mine own self,” she said, replicating her child’s words in a broken and hysterical language. She then said, “Get out,” indicating her toddler’s impulsive request for privacy. The next revelation is the very relatable “toddlers touching literally everything they find and putting it in their mouths.” Gurk is seen pretending to be her kid and playing with a bobby pin and putting it in her mouth. Then, as the mother, she cautions her kid only to hear, “I not, I not, I kissing.”

Image Source: TikTok| @lindseygurk
Image Source: TikTok| @lindseygurk

The next chucklesome scene captures the toddlers’ hitting and playful impulses. Gurk then says, “I know you’re playing, but you know we don’t hit, right?” To this, the 3-year-old smarty-pants says, “I know. I forgive you, mommy.” Gurk reveals that her kid has not mixed up terms but is just fooling her by saying “I forgive you" instead of apologizing. Next up, Gurk portrays the hilarious phase of toddlers learning words and still mischievously choosing to use their broken language. “Mommy may I have some conchos please?” the toddler asks. To this, Gurk says, “You mean croutons?” The toddler keeps saying every other word except "croutons,” adorably fooling her mom. In one of the glimpses, the 3-year-old asks, “Can I get some conscious please?”

Image Source: TikTok| @mona
Image Source: TikTok| @mon_mon_6088


Image Source: TikTok| @sighohbehan
Image Source: TikTok| @sighohbehan

To this, the mom smartly replies, “I don’t know if we have conscious.” Tricked easily, the toddler then says, “No, croutons,” leaving the mom with a noteworthy achievement of having made her toddler say the word right. In the final glimpse, Gurk shares how her daughter asks for everyone in the room to randomly gather around and sing “Happy Birthday” to her even though it’s not her birthday. Towards the end of the video, the toddler is seen enjoying the song being sung to her as she is pampered with attention and love. Indeed, that is what every toddler wants! Commenters couldn’t get enough of the hilarious representations shared by the mom. @elise_h6 said, “I dood it mine own self is so real.” Other parents shared experiences of their toddlers having similar shenanigans. @ashleyor88 said, “My toddler had us make and decorate a birthday cake, put candles on it and sing to him.”

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