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Mom shares hassle-free hack to deal with wet playgrounds in winter and it's life-changing

This mom relates to getting exhausted thinking of how one will deal with wet playgrounds in winter. Fortunately, she has an impressive solution.

Mom shares hassle-free hack to deal with wet playgrounds in winter and it's life-changing
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @gaylegchapman

While the winter brings in the cool breeze, the petty snowflakes and the fun-filled snow, once it’s all melted, people are left with bothering wet droplets on almost every surface outdoors. From public transport and roofs to public amenities, it is natural to worry about wet surfaces during the season. However, while many can adapt to the same, it becomes a hassle and an upsetting factor for kids who just want to go out and play. Gayle Chapman, a mom–who goes on Instagram by @gaylegchapman–shared a life-changing hack to deal with the issue of wet surfaces, especially for kids on playgrounds.

Image Source: Instagram| @gaylegchapman
Image Source: Instagram| @gaylegchapman

Her hack is simple and easy and takes just a few seconds to give children the green light to play in parks without worrying about wet surfaces. “This playground hack is going to change your life,” Chapman said. The mom was in a playground and she revealed her power tool to help her with her hack. “In my buggy, I had a shower squeegee,” she said. The latter is often used in bathrooms to clean surfaces and wipe off steam, fog and water droplets. It is specifically used on flat surfaces like mirrors and walls. The mom ingeniously said, “When I get to the playground, I can wipe off all the water.”

Image Source: Instagram| @gaylegchapman
Image Source: Instagram| @gaylegchapman

In the video, she is seen wiping off the water in seconds, leaving the slides and benches dry and clean for her child to play. No more worrying about getting them or their clothes dirty all one needs is a few seconds and their kids can enjoy the playground. Sharing more in her caption, Chapman wrote, “You can pick up one of these cheaply and it will change your life. I’ve had this stored in the back of my head since I saw a lady do it ages ago (thank you to that woman!), so as soon as the bad weather came, I got a squeegee! Gets a few funny looks, but anything that saves me time makes me happy. Also great for morning dew in the summer.” The video received over 6m views and 61k likes. Moreover, several parents were happy to have a hassle-free trick to make playing on playgrounds possible for their kids during winter. said, “That's genius! The towel I use ends up soaking wet and I forget it in the pushchair and the next time I see it, it stinks.” However, some users sparked a debate, while others shared a few sarcastic comments. Many parents believe that leaving a few droplets on the surface is better for kids, so they learn about discomfort and adaptation. @lizzy.salagan said, “Or…Hear me out. Kids experience mild discomfort for once in their lives.” @irppuuu said, “In Finland, we simply, you know, have weatherproof clothes like normal people.” @kellyspanelli sarcastically said, “I’m a ‘fair weather’ playground mum. Sorry, the parks are closed. It’s too wet.”

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