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Mom shares an eye-opening lesson that her son taught her after she made a joke about him

The mother tried telling the son that he needed to have a sense of humor and laugh at a joke and the boy had an appropriate response to that.

Mom shares an eye-opening lesson that her son taught her after she made a joke about him
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Julia M Cameron; X | @ozzyetomi

More often than not, we see elders not respecting the boundaries set by kids and strangely, we think it is alright. But kids need to be respected as much as adults and a boy ensured his mother understood this in the most appropriate way. Mom Ozzy–who goes by @ozzyetomi on X–shared how her son taught her an important lesson about making fun of others. People on the platform also applauded the kid for his wise words.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kindelmedia
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media

The woman shared the conversation she had with her son. "I remember cracking a joke at my son's expense and he got pretty upset. I said to him, 'You have to learn to have a sense of humor and sometimes just laugh at a joke' and he said, 'Who said jokes need to be mean?' Recalibrated my brain in a few seconds." Ozzy's son knew that jokes should not be made at other's expense as it could hurt their feelings. 

People loved how well the boy worded his thoughts. @wanamdynasty24 commented, "Who said jokes need to be mean? That's so profound!" @thunderxstorm07 wrote, "I've always stood by the fact if you can't say a joke without snark or insults, you aren't funny." @goddessfreya_x shared, "I have always been called sensitive for not enjoying jokes at my expense, but your son put it SO well. There's a difference between banter and being mean and some people don't understand that distinction." @BossManFrost_ said, "I like honest tweets like these because it's a moment of vulnerability, but people can learn from it as well and this speaks to you being a good parent to be reflective and understanding once your kid speaks on their feelings. We all learn as we go."

Image Source: X | @TangledRei
Image Source: X | @TangledRei

@AllEyezOnKP expressed, "I love that the kids are speaking up for themselves and I love the parents who give them the space/encourage them to even more." @HopeLuvii shared, "As someone whose parents did this all the time, please don't. It ruined my self-esteem. I got completely closed off and disassociated for long periods because I thought if I didn't care about anything, they wouldn't have the motive to laugh at me or try to prank me." 

Image Source: X | @poverica
Image Source: X | @poverica


Kids express themselves not only by using words but sometimes through their drawings. A mom, Priya Amin, shared a picture that her 7-year-old son drew about how he felt when she constantly worked on her computer. It showed a parent working and a child standing behind them and asking, "Mommy, are you done?" The mom, seated in front of a laptop, responds, "No." Amin told Good Morning America she felt heartbroken when she saw the picture. She told her colleagues about the picture, they asked her to write a blog about it, as it is a situation that hits home for many parents.


"I chose to share the blog originally via a LinkedIn post because I knew this was something universally felt by parents everywhere right now, and we're all feeling like we're shouldering this alone," she explained. Amin said she wanted to spend time with her child, but it was vital to get some things done. "I think so many parents feel that way, especially during the pandemic, where work and life have collided with one another, and it's really hard to step away from work. My son's drawing was a stark reminder to me about just how hard that is."

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