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Mom shares all the hilarious reasons why her 4-year-old daughter got upset with her

The things that the mom did may sound normal to many, but it is not for her young kid: 'I didn’t invite her to my wedding.'

Mom shares all the hilarious reasons why her 4-year-old daughter got upset with her
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac

What kids do is often undoubtedly amusing. They can get upset or happy for the smallest of reasons. Even a slight change in food taste is enough for them to have a meltdown. A mom, Kristen Cook (who goes by @kristen.cook.kac on Instagram), shared a list of things that made her 4-year-old daughter upset this week and it is hilarious. It also shows the sort of things parents have to deal with young kids. “A list of things I have personally done to upset my 4-year-old this week,” says the mom as the video begins.

Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac
Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac

Though the things the mom did may sound normal to many, it is not for a young kid. “And the first one is I didn’t invite her to my wedding,” the mom says. Cook explains sarcastically that it was not because she did not like her vibe but because she was not born then. Cook then shares about her son, who was born before her wedding. So when the daughter learned that her sibling was there but she wasn't, she got upset and told her mom she might not invite her to her wedding.

“Told her she cannot make home gel with the mix of toothpaste and syrup' - this is the second thing that Cook lists. However, the mom mentions that the kid did that anyway and then got upset because her mother made her take a bath after that. The next thing that upset the child was as small as her mom wearing black pants. The mom then lists that she asked her daughter if she wanted to get some ice cream and the 4-year-old got upset about why Cook needs to even ask her this and told her mom that she does not even know her.

Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac
Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac

The next hilarious thing the mother listed was flushing the child’s toilet paper tower. The girl had put tons of toilet paper into the toilet to see how high it would go. “I took down the tower,” Cook confesses. After this, the daughter asked her what day it was and the mom responded, “Friday.” So, the child told her not to say it but to spell it.

Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac
Image Source: Instagram |@kristen.cook.kac

Parents could relate to the mom so much that the video went viral and garnered over 1 million views on Instagram. The mom has captioned the video, “Parenting is not for the weak.'' People shared their own experiences with their children. @alyssa.bustamantle commented, “My four-year-old woke up and told me he was going to go back to sleep, I said ok. Then he says all upset, what, you're not even going to ask me about my dream? So I said, 'Oh, I'm sorry, what was your dream?...he says, 'I didn't have one.'” @kgonzales20 wrote, “My son was mad because his pee was flushed down the toilet. In a dramatic cry, he said 'Bye pee' and proceeded to cry historically. Kids are fun!” @kyliewantsacupcake said, “'Don't say it, spell it,' OMG, every single one made me laugh hysterically, but that one put me over the edge!”

Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac
Image Source: Instagram | @kristen.cook.kac

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