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Mom shares a noteworthy way to introduce the idea of identity to kids at a young age

Kids need to learn how to figure out their identity as they grow and as parents, talking to them about various related topics can help a lot.

Mom shares a noteworthy way to introduce the idea of identity to kids at a young age
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd

Identity is something one needs to be aware of no matter what stage of life one is at. Unfortunately, the same is not conveniently and openly taught which is why it causes discomfort later on. Adults are struggling to understand more about themselves as individuals because their basic foundation of what one's identity is remains incomplete. Instagram mom Dr. Pria addressed the issue and shared her child’s school chart on identity to note down how it was a brilliant way to get kids started in understanding all about identity. “I want to show you what my 5-year-old brought home,” she said. “They’re studying identity and I think this is such a great example of how you can teach kids about intersectionality,” the mom added.

Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd
Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd

“There’s identity at the center and you have all the facets that surround that comprise you as a person. It’s really not that hard,” the mom said. Elaborating in her caption, the mom explained how one can explain each of the sub-topics to their kids. “Here are some topics you can explore with your child about intersectionality,” she wrote. The first was names and families. The mom suggested teaching kids about familial structures, family names and so on and highlighting the fact that everyone is unique. “Next up was colors and cultures. The mom stressed the need to introduce different skin colors positively and to explain diversity and its beauty.

Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd
Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd

She added, “Talk about cultural traditions and how they contribute to the rich tapestry of our world.” The third point was interests and talents. The mom simply requested parents to encourage children to speak about what they like and what their hobbies and talents are and boost their spirits about participating and contributing the same. The fourth point was all about respecting differences. “Teach the importance of respecting and valuing differences in others,” the mom wrote. She also emphasized explaining how differences can unite to make the community stronger. The next point was feelings and empathy. The mom recommended speaking to children about different types of feelings and how to emote the same.

Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd
Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd

She also stressed the need to highlight the fact that people can have different feelings and it’s important to be empathetic. The next point was gender awareness. “Introduce the idea that people can have different gender identities and that it’s okay to like different things regardless of gender identity,” the mom said. In the seventh point, the mom spoke about the need to teach kids about community helpers and how they play a crucial role in society. “Reinforce that everyone plays an important part in making our communities work," she said.  Adding books and stories to the list, the mom suggested using stories and literature to explain the diversity, differences and more.

Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd
Image Source: Instagram| @drpriaphd

“Encourage children to celebrate both - what makes them unique and what they have in common with others. Foster a sense of unity and belonging within the group,” the mom said, explaining about similarities and differences. Lastly, the mom spoke about being kind and about inclusions. “Emphasize the importance of being kind and including everyone, regardless of differences,” she said. @lemon.bird_ said, "Kids have to learn fast in America of who they are to stay safe.” @thianarae said, “For intersectionality, disability must be mentioned. However, for teaching about intangible heritage and preservation, this is great.”

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