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Mom explains a very common mistake parents make when buying baby clothes

This mom on social media explains how baby clothes sizing works and her theory about toddler clothes sizing.

Mom explains a very common mistake parents make when buying baby clothes
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@rachaelwoolsey

As any parent knows, buying clothes for kids can be a frustrating experience. Sizes vary greatly between brands and it can be hard to know what will fit and what will not. However, one mom on TikTok has recently gone viral for sharing a little-known secret about how baby clothes sizing actually works. Rachael Woolsey posted a video on the social media platform in which she asks why baby clothes sizing is not talked about more. She explains that for a long time, she thought her children were bigger than their actual age because they were always a couple of sizes bigger than their peers. However, she then reveals that this is not the case and that most people are doing baby clothes sizing wrong.

Woolsey explains that when baby clothes say they are for a certain age, it does not mean you start putting your baby in that size at that age. Instead, it means you have up to that age for the clothes to fit. In other words, baby clothes sizes are like an expiration date. If something says "6 months," it means it will fit babies up to 6 months of age.



Woolsey's video quickly gained attention, with many parents expressing their surprise and gratitude for the information. Some, however, were skeptical of Woolsey's claim. People commented on her video, amber.carver9121, says, "This same thing happened to me when I had my son. My mom was putting his clothes away and asked me why I had stuff he could wear then in the 6-9 month section. I had no clue that was a thing. If she hadn’t said anything I would’ve never known. 😂" "Well my baby is a week shy of 2 months and is wearing 6 months already. 0-3 months doesn’t fit 😭" says, the.yuliverse.

To back up her theory, Woolsey cited a medically reviewed article by What To Expect, which confirms that baby clothes sizes are often the maximum size for that age range. While every child is different, this rule of thumb can help parents ensure they are buying the right size of clothes for their baby. What To Expect advises parents to do their research, look up sizing charts and take measurements of their child to ensure the best fit.

As believed by Scary Mommy, Woolsey also had a theory about toddler clothes sizing. She explained that, unlike baby clothes, toddler sizes should be thought of as the starting point. For example, if a piece of clothing is labeled as 2T, it should fit a child at 2 years old and they should be able to wear it until they are 3 years old. If something is labeled as 3T, it should fit at 3 years old and last until the child is 4 years old.

While some parents noted that their children do not follow this pattern, Woolsey clarified that her theory is just a general estimate. Her main goal was to help parents avoid disappointment when a cute outfit they bought for their child is already too small by the time they reach the age on the label.



Woolsey's video has shed some light on a confusing aspect of parenting and it's clear that many parents appreciate the information. While baby clothes sizing will never be perfect, this rule of thumb can help parents navigate the world of children's clothing a little easier.

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