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Mom replicated her son's birthmark on her face to experience the discrimination he faces everyday

Her son, Enzo, was born with a Congenital birthmark that triggers people around him to view him with pity and disgust.

Mom replicated her son's birthmark on her face to experience the discrimination he faces everyday
Image Source: Carol Giraldelli/Instagram

Beauty standards are hypocritical and often force individuals to develop insecurities about their appearance. This starts as early as childhood when young children are scrutinized for the way they look. Giraldelli Family had to face this ever since their son was born almost five years ago, reports Bored Panda. Enzo was born with a Congenital birthmark on his face and his parents were absolutely mesmerized by his beauty. However, the doctors and everyone else thought there was something wrong with the little boy. 



His mother, Carolina, first realized that something is different with her son by the horrified look on the doctors who delivered her baby. They were informed that Enzo has 'Congenital Melanocytic Nevi,' a harmless condition that causes a patch of the skin to have excess melanocytes resulting in a dark appearance. However, as everyone around them tried to adjust to this fact, Enzo's parents decided from the first day that they will do everything they can to not disguise this unique feature of their beautiful son. 



They weren't unaware of the fact that he would face several challenges in his life due to his birthmark and started preparing for it. Carolina said, "Even though it is not easy, my husband and I act normally, and we will always show him as he is." She confessed that it is extremely difficult to see that everyone around her son gives him "looks of pity, contempt, fear, and sometimes disgust."

Carolina's joy in being the mother of such a remarkable kid inspired her to celebrate Mother's Day in a unique and unusual way. In order to make her son feel comfortable, she hired a make-up artist to recreate the exact birthmark on her face. She said, "When I got home, Enzo’s reaction was a complete joy — even though he did not completely understand it." She wore this makeup all day to truly comprehend the discrimination her child experienced on a daily basis.



She recalled, "Several people looked at me with many different looks, but I was very calm because I felt like the proudest mother in the world." Carolina notices Enzo's beauty on a daily basis and tells him that his uniqueness does not make him less loved than other children. This kind of support and appreciation allows Enzo to be completely confident and not feel insecure about a birthmark. 



She wrote in an Instagram post thanking me for the best gift of her life, "Not even in my wildest dreams would I imagine a gift like you, my son! God gave mommy a whim. I learn more from you every day!" Since he comes from such a loving family, the youngster constantly has the biggest smile on his face. Enzo appears to be proud of his appearance since he was nurtured in a loving family where his individuality is encouraged. 



He is now five years old and is completely enjoying his childhood with his loving parents. It doesn't completely block society's opinions about his beauty and appearance, however, a thriving environment allows him to ignore them all. 

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