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Mom records toddler’s hilariously dramatic reaction to being asked to clean her room

The little one had the most dramatic reaction when her mom asked her to clean the mess in her room and it's cracking the internet up.

Mom records toddler’s hilariously dramatic reaction to being asked to clean her room
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @bracefacet4

Children often throw tantrums and parents remain clueless about handling them. Well, this millennial mom, who goes by @barefacet4 on TikTok, decided to share a series of videos documenting her toddler planning and prepping to run away from the house, looking upset and sniffling over some matter. In the first video, when her mom enquires about what she is doing, we can see the little girl sitting on the floor and packing her little backpack, which is also inside out.

Image Source: TikTok | @bracefacet4
Image Source: TikTok | @bracefacet4

"Are you running away?" the mom asks while filming her daughter's reactions. "Why are you running away?" The daughter opens up her tiny backpack and shows her mom all the stuff she will be taking away with her. It's nothing but a set of plastic toys and play sets. "I am running away because you told me to clean my room," the toddler answers while sobbing. Her mom looks inside her backpack and she got a kitchen play set and toy food items that can be put together to make a fake burger. "Okay, see you later," the mom responds nonchalantly. "Love you."

The mom questions her toddler if she is coming back and the toddler answers "no." She informs her that she is going to "daddy's house" and also drops some childish blabber when her mom asks her where she is exactly going. In the second video, the toddler is seen throwing her backpack over her shoulder and opening the door to climb down the stairs as she continues to sob. Her mother questions her the same thing again and the toddler has the same answer prepared for her. Her mom's hilarious and chill attitude towards her daughter running away and even bidding her a casual goodbye probably made the internet roll around with laughter.

Image Source: TikTok | @bracefacet4
Image Source: TikTok | @bracefacet4

In the third and final video, we see the toddler is back, enjoying an ice lolly and settling on the floor once again with her open backpack. Since the viewers of the video were wondering if the little one was safe and sound after her rebellious display, the girl's mom made the third video update to assure people that she came right back and her "mommy didn't let her run away." She asked her if she cleaned her room and the girl shook her head in denial. But the mom had yet another shocking news waiting for her, which might make the little girl pack up her bags and leave again. "You still have to clean your room though," her mom informs and the toddler looks up at her in sheer disbelief. The TikTok community had a lot to say about her funny meltdown.

Image Source: TikTok | @icreatetrendz
Image Source: TikTok | @icreatetrendz

@its_taysway joked, "I love that you are letting her express the dramatics. Their little rent-free life is so hard." @goddesssashabutterfly44 wrote, "Baby said she going to daddy house, he's never said any nonsense like clean the room." @triciasweetconfections quipped, "OMG, she's breaking my heart. Don't worry, sweetheart, Auntie is coming over to clean your room up for you. I'm crying too." @funinsunshine76 remarked, "My 4-year-old grandbaby packed his bag and was running away to his Nana. Had his mom call me to come to get him 'cause she was getting on his nerves'." @mycolorsisparkled added, "When she got offended when you asked if she would be back like you didn't hear that you made her clean her room."


Shes running away because i told her to clean her room🤦🏽‍♀️

♬ original sound - BraceFaceT🤤


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