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Mom praises airlines for giving her 6-year-old son a 'special' first-time flight experience

The crew also let the boy hand out snacks to the passengers and the pilots let him take a picture in the cockpit.

Mom praises airlines for giving her 6-year-old son a 'special' first-time flight experience
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo

@tcblanksThere is a first time for experiencing everything. Traveling definitely counts for one. One young boy formed a pleasant core memory while flying for the first time in an aircraft in August. Based in Connecticut, six-year-old Colton's mom and a teacher by profession, Deana Conlogue (@deanaboo), shares the video of his journey. While praising the aircraft that helped make this experience memorable for Colton, she uploaded the experience on TikTok. The video clip received 1.4 million views and was captioned, "JetBlue rolled out the red carpet for Colton. It was his first plane ride and they went above and beyond to make his experience special. Thank you to the amazing crew, especially Lorinda, for treating him so well! @JetBlue, we love you!"

Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo
Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo


"This is my first time on a plane," declared Colton to the pilots as he stepped on the plane. "No way, do you wanna drive?" they joked in response. He informed them the family was flying to Nashville, Tennessee, to pick up Colton's older brother from college. The pilots offered Colton the opportunity to sit in his seat for a picture in the cockpit and he appeared delighted. While taking off, Colton knew he had to chew gum so he didn't suffer any ear pain. After a while, as the seat belt signs went off, Lorinda, the flight attendant, could be heard onboard announcing that Colton would be assisting her with snack distribution because it was his "first flight ever." She then followed him along the aisle as he offered the food dish to the other passengers. Conlogue also posted a photo of a small bag that Lorinda handed Colton as a thank-you for assisting her with the snacks, which included sweets and cookies.

Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo
Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo


Colton then sat and enjoyed the view of the cloud from his seat. The airlines went blissfully overboard by making Colton's experience of his first flight joyous. "They really went out of their way for your boy!" commented @crazy8dude, to which Conlogue agreed and replied, "They didn't have to do this all, but they did and he'll be talking about it forever." "How sweet! Considering all the horror stories on flights, it's so nice to see the feel-good stories. Thanks to you and Jet Blue," wrote @janetmaclaurin. "This is precious! Future pilot right there," predicted @rybeebaybee

Image Source: TikTok | @deanaboo
Image Source: TikTok | @tcblanks


In a follow-up video, Colton expresses his gratitude for Lorinda's extra care. "Hi Lorinda, thanks for making my first flight the best flight," he exclaimed to Lorinda's comment that read, "I've been found! Colton made my entire four-day trip worth it! Such a beacon of light and love. Thank you for posting." Conlogue said she and her husband Mitchel "had no idea" the post would garner so much attention, but they are both thrilled that two of her films starring Colton have now gone viral on her profile. "We are happy that others are seeing the light that Colton's personality brings to the world," she told Insider

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