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Mom plays the piano for the first time in front of her son and his reaction is priceless

A mother shocks her son by performing an amazing musical piece on the piano and the boy's reaction is something.

Mom plays the piano for the first time in front of her son and his reaction is priceless
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @kiirstinleigh

It is often found that children have little to no idea about all of the talents that their parents have. As they grow older, they slowly discover that their parents have many skills, some of which can surprise them. Kids who get to know this different side of their parents have immense appreciation and pride about it. Kirstin Leigh, a mother and actor, shared a wholesome video on her Instagram where she recorded her son's reaction when he heard her play piano for the first time. The video blew up with 770K views and 604 comments on the social media platform. The text overlay on the video reads, "Your parents have known you your entire life, but you've only known a part of theirs."

Image Source: Instagram | @kiirstinleigh
Image Source: Instagram | @kiirstinleigh

At the start of the video, the boy is seen standing next to the piano. He looks into the camera and eagerly announces, "Guys, my mom is going to play the piano for the first time in front of me." As he moves back, we get to see the mother sitting and smiling, all ready for her performance. The woman begins to play Yiruma's famed track "River Flows in You," and the boy is instantly in awe. The mother looks down at her son, who now has a stunned expression on his face, which makes her laugh. He watches her play for a bit and then inquires, "How do you know how to do this?"

Image Source: Instagram | @kiirstinleigh
Image Source: Instagram | @kiirstinleigh

Upon hearing this, the mother laughs out loud and continues her amazing performance on the instrument. The boy is still in shock and continues to ask her a bunch of questions about how she knows to play the piano so well, occasionally looking into the camera with a startled face. At the end of the video, the mother reveals that she has been learning piano since she was 4 years old, but she got busy with her life and eventually did not have much time to practice. People liked the video and shared their thoughts about it in the comments section.

@xbboomer hilariously said, "He sounds like a dad who finds out that their child is talented." Another individual, @gabedoudine, shared, "My mom did this with the violin and blew away 7-year-old me." @abhi._chanda12 suggested, "Oh my, you're amazing. Please never stop playing. Music comes from the heart. It heals and it inspires people." @jhameiagoh commented, "Make time for yourself, Mommy. Your baby deserves a fuller you." said, "Haha, this is so cute! And wow, you're so good! You should play more!"

Representative Cover Image Source: Pixabay/Claudia Peters
Representative Cover Image Source: Pixabay/Claudia Peters

Playing an instrument has incredible health benefits as well. According to research published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, it was discovered that playing music to older adults who do not have dementia can keep them sharp and also improve their cognitive skills. The finding has resulted in more music programs being a part of many public health initiatives to make a strong impact on people. Music has proved itself to be a viable solution to slow down the gradual decline of an individual's cognitive abilities.

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