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Mom of son with autism opens nighclub for adults with disabilities: 'It just all shines'

She wants more inclusive activities to take place as her 4-year-old son grows up.

Mom of son with autism opens nighclub for adults with disabilities: 'It just all shines'
Image Source: Club Zeus/Twitter

People with disabilities find it extremely hard to adjust to an unaccommodating world. Many amenities, entertainment spaces and other public places do not have the facilities required to accommodate disabilities. Tired of seeing her son, Zeus, and other people with disabilities struggle, Crisann Black decided to take the matter into her own hands. Black created Club Zeus, named after her son who has autism. It is open to any adult with a disability in Tuscan, Arizona. She holds a once-a-month dance party in this nightclub for ages 18 and older. Individuals can come and enjoy dancing, drinking and being in a social and safe environment, reports Good Morning America. "In thinking about his (Zeus') future you know with regards to like therapies or activities that he's involved in I want to see more activities take place," the mother told the outlet.




Several people with disabilities participate in the nightclub's monthly event and come dressed up in "full glam and they look gorgeous." Black added, "It's incredible to see them and their confidence and you know it just all shines." She points out that she doesn't want parents of kids with developmental disabilities to give explanations for their kids' behavior. Instead, Black wants her club to become a place where nobody will question them or highlight their disability but rather will accommodate them. Her only aim for creating this space is so that "everybody leaves feeling like a rockstar."



Black said that they get various responses from families and some are delighted to send their children to the nightclub and let them "continue to play." However, at times, families are not so supportive and they "remove their child" and leave them alone to deal with their difficulties. Black does not want to leave her young son alone to deal with autism. "Being his advocate is one of the greatest things that I could be," she added.

She wants to be there to "defend and support" her son through everything while creating more inclusive places around him. According to her LinkedIn page, Black is also the creator of a mobile hygiene unit in Tuscan, Arizona. They take this hygiene unit to Santa Rita park and allow homeless individuals to shower, wash their clothes, and get a haircut once a week. They also offer food, beverages, personal care kits, clothes, and shoes. Going the extra mile, they even arrange mental health care for people who need it.




Adding to her thoughtful contributions, Black will be organizing a speed dating hour in Club Zeus on November 5 and the entry is just about $10. She is a shining example of someone who strives to build her community and make inclusive spaces for people with disabilities in her area.

In another instance of a mother trying her best, Nikki McLean Murray took her 10-year-old son to a Coldplay concert. The boy, Oliver, has autism but had the most wonderful reaction to seeing the band play live for the first time. According to the TikTok video posted by Murray, she took a chance as her son "doesn't like conflicting noises" but adores different lights. She was prepared to leave at the slightest discomfort when Oliver was surprised and absolutely happy when the band started to play.

He can be seen struggling with certain triggers but made the best of the evening with his mother's support. The video put a smile on everyone's faces and garnered millions of views on TikTok.

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