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Mom moved to tears when young son with speech delay says 'I love you mommy' while baking cookies

He insisted on making cookies from scratch with his mother and it turned out to be the most beautiful experience for them.

Mom moved to tears when young son with speech delay says 'I love you mommy' while baking cookies
Cover Image Source: Twitter/Jayla Influencer

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 16, 2022. It has since been updated.

The bond between a son and his mother is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. Our mothers are always there to support, cherish and encourage us throughout everything we do. A heartwarming video of a little boy with a speech delay trying to tell his mother how much he loves her portrays this wonderful bond in a heartwarming manner. The video, shared online by Twitter user @jaylabrenae, shows Jayla preparing a batch of cookies with her little boy. As they mix the ingredients together, the youngster adorably says: "Thank you, mom!" and gives her a warm embrace. Going on to shower her with the sweetest kisses, he adds: "I love you, mommy." Layla bursts into tears at this and declares her love for him as well. 


Jayla wrote in the caption, "A moment I’ve been longing for as a mom, especially with a speech-delayed son. I am so thankful I could capture it." She also shared another video with her son in the Twitter thread, showing the boy helping his mother cook and his two siblings enjoying the cookies they baked. The text inlay on the video reveals that the boy requested his mom to bake cookies after finding a cookie cutter in the store. Jayla wrote, "I have never made them from scratch before but he was very adamant in wanting to make cookie dough so I got all the ingredients to try." 


This video of the heartwarming moment between the mother and son surpassed 2.1 million views in just one day. It also has more than 16k retweets and 146k likes and counting. It melted everyone's heart online and Twitter users poured their love into the comments. One user commented, "His speech updates always make me so happy. As a mommy to a speech delayed som who won't stop talking now (I said he's making up for lost time) lol, this will always make me happy." 


Another added, "The way he held your face with his little hands and gently planted a kiss on your cheek." A third user commented, "Having a child that is speech delayed is soo much stressful. My son didn't make it to the next grade because of his speech, but we gonna try again next year." A user also made a note of how much love children can possess, writing: "It's really kids that give adults the utmost and unconditional love we grown-ups all always seek for. Kids see perfection in everything. Especially their parents. While very few can live up to that, we can try to do our best to protect that love they are exuding." 

"As a disabled person myself, thank you for being so patient with him. it goes such a long way! keep up the great work," yet another Twitter user added. Having children with a disability or delayed development can prove to be a challenge. However, being patient with them and allowing them the space to grow and express themselves can have fruitful results just like Jayla's son. 

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