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Seven-year-old writes a passive-aggressive letter to mom for interrupting her TV time

The girl was watching Moana on TV when she was told by her mother to switch it off and go wash.

Seven-year-old writes a passive-aggressive letter to mom for interrupting her TV time
Image source: Reddit

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 28, 2021. It has since been updated.

When a 7-year-old girl was asked to turn off the TV and go wash, she decided to write a "customer complaint" to her parents. When kids throw tantrums, they usually just cry, but this girl decided to write a full-fledged letter to her parents. She let her mother know in no uncertain terms that she was disappointed in being asked to turn off the movie she was watching. She also drew a face to let her mother know that she was not happy about it. The girl's mother shared her daughter's passive-aggressive letter-writing on Reddit.

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"Whenever our daughter disagrees with a parental decision, we receive these passive-aggressive cards," wrote the girl's Mom. It clearly was not the first letter the girl had written to her parents, and it's safe to say, it won't be the last. The seven-year-old had been watching the animated movie Moana when her mother interrupted her and told her to go wash. "To Mum, I see you want me to wash but I truly want to watch Moana, so we can finish it and you will get to know how it ends because it is truly [sic]. I should not tell you so you will be able to find out how it ends but I would not want to disappoint you, so I will wash," read the letter. Beneath the letter were two smileys — one sad face and one happy face. She ticked the sad smiley and wrote "How I'm feeling" and then crossed out the Happy smiley and wrote, "Not how I am feeling."



Reddit users were amused by the letter with many praising her for expressing her feeling in words. One person wrote, "Her email game at work is going to be fierce." Another added, "Wow! That's awesome. Future passive-aggressive note writing hero in training!" Everyone was impressed with her vocabulary, with one person writing, "That's ridiculously good for year 2, I'm impressed. Can read that better than things written by a lot of people I'm at uni with!"

One person commented, "That's top-level emotional manipulation for a child. I'd be proud and scared." One person commented, "I bet she took longer to write that than it would've taken to both truly do the washing and truly watch the end of Moana." One person responded, "She'll get faster if she keeps writing them."



Few lauded the child's parents for raising her the right way. "Seems like you're being great parents since your daughter knows she can express herself this way

Keep up the good work OP," they wrote. Many noted that she had a bright future ahead of her. "She will truly be a formidable house-mate come university," wrote one person. Few encouraged the child's parents to let her complete the film. "That’s hilarious. Let her off the washing Mum, she needs to watch Moana!" One Redditor added, "She truly needs to see the end of it." One user joked, "This child was assembled correctly, please maintain them well so they do not fall into disrepair."


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