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Mom kicks teen son out of house he inherited. Years later, he changed the locks without telling her.

The now-23-year-old recounted how his mother kicked him out of the house he'd inherited just to keep her new partner happy.

Mom kicks teen son out of house he inherited. Years later, he changed the locks without telling her.
Representative Cover Image Source: Getty Images/vovashevchuk, Reddit/Yes_ISaidThat

There are very few things that can rip families apart like matters of inheritance. Reddit user Yes_ISaidThat experienced this firsthand after he inherited all of his late father's worldly possessions at the age of 15. In a now-viral post shared to the r/AmItheAsshole community this week, the 23-year-old recounted all that he went through after his father's death and how his mother kicked him out of the house he'd inherited just to keep her new partner happy. In a post titled "AITA for changing all the locks in my house without letting my mom know?" he wrote: "When I was 15, my dad died. My mom (45) didn't wait too long to 'start over' and moved her new partner in just 2 months later."

"My dad left everything to me and not even a dime to her (they were not married). My dad's will was so structured that she couldn't challenge it," he explained. However, that didn't stop his mother from trying. "She attempted and even asked me to pass over one of my properties to her to show my 'new' dad that he was welcomed," he wrote. Fortunately, the OP's father had prepared for such attempts well in advance. "I couldn't even if I wanted to, because my dad's will was specified that I must be 21 to have access to everything he left me," Yes_ISaidThat revealed.

"This dude had kids (18M, 19F their ages now) and my mom prioritized them to keep him happy. I mean she wasn't like ab*sive or neglectful but she tended to favor them. They went on trips, and even if she didn't tell me not to go she'd say something between the lines as: 'Wouldn't you like to go to your grandparents (my dad's) better?' I mean I'm not stupid and I know she didn't want me there," he shared.

Everything came to a head when the OP was 17 years old. "She asked me to leave (my own house) because I kept fighting with her dude and I also reminded him of whose house it was, when he wanted to play the man of the house, I also called him John Conroy," he recounted. "My grandparents told me to avoid confrontation so I went to live with them. My mom would visit me often and tell me how much she loved but she needed to 'keep peace at home.'"

When Yes_ISaidThat finished college, he decided to inspect what his father left him. "After college, I decided to check my properties and also the one that my mom is living at. I wanted to renovate it to rent it since it's a good one and can help me to afford my master's," he explained. "I went there to inform my mom but no one was there (later I found out they went on vacation). I called her but she didn't answer so I proceeded to change the locks (mainly to officially take possession). They arrived yesterday and could [not] get in. Of course, they called me but I wasn't in town. I went today because some renovation works will start in a few weeks."

Image Source: Reddit/Lostmorningstar

"I was in the backyard and my mom came in furious yelling at me saying how I dared to do that. So we talked and I let them know they have two weeks to leave. Her husband (an unemployed oh sorry, self-employed) was furious. My mom and her stepdaughter started crying because the girl is pregnant (I'm sorry) but I made up my mind," Yes_ISaidThat concluded, adding that he was wondering if he'd been wrong to do what he did because his mom's family had been shaming him for it. Fellow Reddit users assured the OP that he wasn't in the wrong, especially since he was the one paying all the property taxes and there was no contract between him and his mom that would prove they were renting the place. 

Image Source: Reddit/Sensitivesoul0

"NTA because as a minor you were kicked out of your own house and made a secondary priority. As an adult, you're now doing what you couldn't do then. Make sure you're doing everything legally so they can't make things harder on you. I'm wondering if your father knew something and that's why you got everything," commented gjwtgf. "I hate to tell this but what do you mean she wasn't abusive? That sh*t is abuse. You changing the house locks is simply her reaping what she sowed. NTA," wrote maxieplaysrpgs.

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