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Mom insists on getting her son a candy from a stranger and regrets her decision instantly

A mom was having ginger candies, which help her with motion sickness, at an amusement park when a lady asked to give her son the candy she was eating.

Mom insists on getting her son a candy from a stranger and regrets her decision instantly
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by RDNE Stock project; (R) Reddit | u/LadybugGal95

People love to share food with the ones they are comfortable with. When we make them try something delicious, it is worth the wait. However, that's not the case when random strangers expect us to share our treats with them. Reddit user u/LadybugGal95 shared the perfect example of tot. She was at an amusement park when a mom came with her kid and asked for treats that she and her kids were having. The mom was having ginger candies, which help her with motion sickness and the stranger's kid asked for her candy. However, the little boy's mother regretted minutes after she rudely asked for the candy. "Since there's only a week left of summer, I decided to take the kids to the local amusement/water park today. As I've gotten older, the rides have gotten a little tougher on me. In addition, my daughter tends to get motion sick rather easily," shared the Reddit user. 

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Scott Webb
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Scott Webb


She added, "I don't like the way motion sickness pills make me feel. So, I always take a ziplock baggie full of ginger candy along to prevent and soothe nausea. As we are standing in line for the log ride, I pull out my baggie. I choose a lemon one, as does my son (13). My daughter (12) asks for a mango one." While they were enjoying their candies, a kid standing next to them told his mom he wanted the candy. The kid's mom told him that she did not have any candy. He then pointed at the Reddit user and said, "But she does." The mother dealing with motion sickness then informed the other lady that her kid wouldn't like her candies, but the woman continued insisting. At some point, she even forced the mom to take our candies from her bag and give them to her son: "Can't you give him just one? Comm'n, don't be greedy.' (Oh, you said the magic word there lady.)"

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Magda Ehlers
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Magda Ehlers

u/LadybugGal95 then discussed how the kid insisted on having the ginger candy. "I say, 'Alright' and dig out a lemon one. (I'm not completely heartless.)" She then took out some candy for him, but he was not satisfied with it and even asked for a specific flavor - mango. "Then, he actually starts to taste it and a look of horror comes over his face. He screams and tries to spit it out. He's jumping around and flapping his arms. His mom is panicking and asking what's wrong. He's screaming that it's bad and it's hot and he wants it out. His mom tells him to spit it out."

"That's when I pipe up with the very helpful, 'It's really sticky. What's left is probably stuck in his teeth. He'll have to wait for it to melt off if he doesn't want to chew.' The mom looks at me in disbelief and shrugs. Then she asks what in the hell I gave her son. (Probably should have asked that sooner, lady.) I answer, 'Ginger candy. It's good for nausea.' I'd like to think the kid will think twice about demanding things from strangers. Plus, it was entertaining. Overall, the kids and I counted it as a win," shared u/LadybugGal95. People on Reddit agreed with her and were quick to comment.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Lay-ZFair
Image Source: Reddit | u/Lay-ZFair


u/spritemaster33 chimed in and wrote, "It's amazing that some parents can be so entitled that they expect complete strangers to placate their kids. On the plus side, I bet that kid won't be accepting candy from strangers again." u/punklinux shared, "My mother used to teach junior high decades ago, and she tells the story of some kid who stole "chocolate candy" from some teacher's purse. Only it wasn't candy, but a very chocolatey laxative."

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